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  • Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

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May 4, 2022 ,

What are the natural alloys in gold?

Natural Alloys in Natural Gold Nuggets. No matter where gold is mined on Earth you will find various alloys in the gold, most commonly silver and copper. Silver is most common, and in some areas it is not common for a gold nugget to have as much as 20% or more silver content. When this occurs, the mineral isn’t actually gold anymore, …

How to tell if an electrum is gold?

It is pretty easy to identify a piece of electrum when it is found. Rather than having a rich gold color like you would expect from the average gold nugget, electrum is often very dull, silvery or brassy colored. Sometimes it even shows a slight greenish tint to it.

Which country has the highest gold?

Australia is a country that is well-known for having gold that is naturally high purity. Many areas produce nuggets that are 95% purity and higher. If you want to buy a nugget that is high purity, then Australian gold nuggets are often a good choice, but they aren’t the only place.

Where can I find electrum?

In the United States, one area where electrum is commonly found in in the state of Nevada, but it has been found in many other mining districts also. Even nuggets that are bright, shiny and have a rich golden color still have a small amount of impurities in them, and they are never 100% pure. The purity of gold nuggets varies from state-to-state.

Is gold nuggets 100% pure gold?

Natural gold nuggets are never 100% pure gold. That is the short answer. Natural alloys of various metals naturally occur with gold in its natural form. The refining process is needed to remove these impurities to produce gold bullion that is truly pure.

What is the mineral that isn’t gold called?

When this occurs, the mineral isn’t actually gold anymore, it is technically called electrum . Electrum is a natural occurrence that is very common in some goldfields. It is pretty easy to identify a piece of electrum when it is found.

How pure is Alaskan gold?

Gold can vary a lot from different locations. I have seen Alaskan gold ranging from around 70% pure and up to as high as 92% pure. The same can be said for many other states.

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