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  • Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

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can i buy physical gold in my ira


May 6, 2022 , ,

Why Is Sugar A Questionable Ingredient?

While sugar is definitely an ingredient derived from plants, it becomes an issue when it is refined with an animal ingredient. Unfortunately, in some countries (including the United States), sugar companies use bone char to filter and bleach cane sugar giving it a white, glowy color.

Bottom Line

Nestlé’s Golden Grahams are suitable for vegans, while General Mills’ Golden Grahams are not vegan because it contains Vitamin D3, a vitamin that is typically extracted from sheep’s wool.

Our Recommendation For Vegans

Future Kind’s Essential Vitamins: This is our favorite multivitamin. It’s not the typical multivitamin because it was formulated to specifically address potential shortcomings in the vegan diet.

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