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  • Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

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Why choose Muthoot Finance for gold loans?

Muthoot Finance offers its customers the choice of availing a gold loan as per their financial goals and requirements. The many loan schemes from Muthoot Finance offer customers a plethora of choices, ranging from gold loans with the maximum tenure as well as minimum amount gold loans.

How to get a gold loan against gold jewelry?

Quick accurate results for loan against gold Jewelry Choose a comfortable loan tenure Get prior knowledge of monthly EMI values Manage your monthly expenses Gold Loan Interest Rate Calculator Eligibility Documentation Process Our Plans Super Value Gold Loan Muthoot Easy Max Muthoot Easy Pro Restartindia Pradhan Gold Loan Muthoot Blue Rewards

Is it good to buy gold from Muthoot blue?

I have been a Muthoot Blue customer since the last two to three years. I have taken a gold loan and made use of the EMI facility for buying gold. Providing gold to people like me through easy options is indeed great. I even have a health policy from Muthoot. …

What are the required documents for Muthoot gold loan?

The required documents for Muthoot Gold Loan are only your identity and residence proof. You can submit your Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID card, Driver’s License as documents. Applying for a gold loan with Muthoot FinCorp is extremely easy and hassle-free.

How long is a gold loan?

Based on the needs and the customer’s eligibility for a gold loan, the minimum tenure of a gold loan from Muthoot Finance is of 7 days and the maximum gold loan tenure is of 12 months for normal schemes, and for EMI-based schemes, the maximum gold loan tenure is 36 months.

What is gold loan?

Whether you need money urgently for a medical emergency, a wedding, or for that long- awaited family vacation, a gold loan serves many purposes. They are a great way to service immediate financial requirements by ensuring that unused gold articles generate value for you. Gold loans have become quite popular in recent with their quick turnaround times (TATs) for disbursal as they do away with the tedious process of a conventional secured loan. With convenient gold loan eligibility calculation, quick disbursals, and low interest rates, availing a gold loan with Muthoot Finance is a seamless affair.

What is gold loan eligibility per gram?

Gold loan eligibility per gram refers to the percentage of gold value that will be considered for calculating the eligibility for a gold loan. The valuation of your gold will depend upon the weight of the gold articles, the rate of gold on that particular day as well as the purity of the gold. The lender will typically loan a percentage of this value of gold and this is called the gold loan eligibility per gram.

What is Muthoot Finance?

Muthoot Finance, with its vast portfolio of gold loans, promises the best value for your gold, clear terms of gold loan eligibility, flexibility on the minimum and maximum gold loan tenures as well as the maximum and minimum gold loan amount. We value the emotional bond Indians have with their gold jewellery that is often passed down generations. The pledged gold ornaments are securely kept in strong rooms under CCTV surveillance. Once the gold loan is fully repaid, your gold is safely and quickly returned. A huge network of over 5000 branches means that you are never too far away from realizing your dreams.

What is the most important factor to consider before availing a gold loan?

The most important factor to consider before availing a gold loan is your financial requirement and opting for a loan that fits your criteria. Apart from your eligibility for the

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What is the top priority of Muthoot Finance?

Valuing customer feedback and resolving their queries in a timely manner is one of the top priorities at Muthoot Finance.

How long does it take to recover surplus from auction?

4.Surplus if any available in the auction sale proceeds over and above the dues shall be refunded to the respective customers within 7 working days after receipt of the full auction proceeds. A rightful lien will also be retained against such surplus subject to proper notice to the customer in case the borrower has other unsettled liabilities to the Company and surplus shall be refunded to the borrower after adjusting such dues if any. Steps including legal action for recovery of any shortfall after appropriating the auction proceeds shall also be initiated where ever feasible and after analyzing the cost benefits.

What happens if an auction is triggered?

If auction is triggered for any other reasons where probable loss is anticipated vis-a- vis the realizable value of security, all processes connected with the Auction like sending Auction Notices by Registered post, publishing in Newspapers etc. will be followed and auction will be conducted following the normal procedure.

What happens if the company has come to the conclusion that there is depletion in the value of security?

If the Company has come to the conclusion that there is depletion in the value of security on account of fall in gold price which may result in loss to the Company in case the loan is continued, demand can be made on the borrower to repay a certain sum of money per gram of gold pledged to make good the shortfall in the value of security or to pledge additional gold to bring the value of security on par with the advance rate per gram as per the prevailing LTV.

How long is the notice period for an auction?

3.Registered Auction notice with acknowledgment due shall be served to all such identified borrowers giving 14 days notice period in order to ensure that sufficient time and opportunity are given to the customer for redemption and to avoid auction sale. Paper publication in a local daily in the local language and in another national daily in English shall be given clearly specifying the place, time and date of auction also giving time for redemption up to the close of business on the preceding date of proposed auction.

What happens if you fail to pay your loan dues?

If the borrowers fail to repay the dues within the timelines prescribed, such accounts will be marked for auction.

What does "auction" mean in a loan policy?

The term “auction” used in the policy shall mean realization of the security (pledged gold ornaments) created against the loan in public auction only including online auction.

How long is a gold loan?

Gold Loans are sanctioned as Demand Loans against pledge of gold jewellery as collateral security. Loans are generally granted for a maximum tenure of 12 months or for any other periods as specified in the scheme under which the loan is availed.

How to use Muthoot Gold Loan Calculator?

Using the Muthoot Gold Loan EMI calculator is easy. Follow the steps below:

What medium should I use to repay a gold loan?

What medium should I use to repay the Gold loan? Once your gold loan is disbursed, you can repay the loan both from a physical or digital medium. You can either make the payment directly at your Muthoot FinCorp branch or pay directly via your bank account.

How to contact Muthoot FinCorp?

Please call our customer care representative at 1800 102 1616 or visit your nearest Muthoot FinCorp branch to know more.