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May 7, 2022 , ,

Gold Glasses Through the Ages

Big frames, tinted lenses, and power moves on the dance floor–who can forget the oversized gold-rimmed glasses of the disco age? No one. Here we are, half a century later, still talking about them. This is one look that plans on stayin’ alive through the ages.

Endless Variation

All the gold glasses on this page can be customized with tinted lenses at checkout, transforming them into sunglasses. Find your perfect pair of gold sunglasses today. The majority of our gold eyeglass frames are lightweight, but that doesn’t mean they’re flimsy.

Are Gold-Frame Glasses in Style?

They were the last time we checked (which was probably a few minutes ago, when the latest pair sold on our site!). We’re gonna go ahead and say that gold glasses are always going to be in style, at any time in history. Gold frame glasses add a classic, sleek touch to any look.

Where can I Buy Gold-Frame Glasses?

Where can’t you, is more like it! Gold frame glasses are easy to find online and you’re literally a click away from a whole selection! Yep, our gold-rim glasses have everything you could ever want in a pair of eyewear such as shapes like browline, geometric, and classic round, with a mix of temple tip materials and nose pads for contrasting vibes and comfort.

How do I Style Gold-Frame Glasses?

Any Olympic medal winner will tell you that gold goes with everything and it’s a similar story when it comes to gold eyewear.

What Frame Shape is Best for Gold Glasses?

That’s a tough one! There’s something special about a classic round rimmed pair for a timeless look, but go for gold cat-eyes and you’ll be well on your way to style status.That’s just two common favorites of course but there’s so much more to see.

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