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  • Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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Did Dolly Parton change Neil Young’s I felt like getting high?

For this solo version of the song, Dolly Parton altered the original Neil Young’s line I felt like getting high to I felt like I could cry with his permission. Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris made a very successful version of this song for their Trio II album in 1999.

Did Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt ever record together?

Two of the trio had previously recorded the song: Parton included a version with Alison Krauss on her 1996 album Treasures, and Ronstadt did a cover for her 1995 album Feels Like Home. Ronstadt listened to Young a lot when she was on the road touring, and particularly loved this song.

What is the full lyric for after the gold rush about?

Recently I decided to see what the full lyric for After The Gold Rush was about. It is certainly cryptic and much of the lyric is fanciful. In the first verse the singer is dreaming about a great day of heraldry and celebration…music, banners flowing, knights in armour something about a queen.

What happened to Neil Young after the Gold Rush?

I think it’s going to happen. After The Gold Rush is an acoustic album that led to many other confessional singer/songwriter works in the early ’70s (James Taylor, Carole King, etc.). Young had injured his back lifting a slab of polished walnut and standing up to play his electric guitar was impossible.

What is the song after the gold rush?

"After the Gold Rush" is widely known as an environmentalism song, with its chorus, "Look at Mother Nature on the run in the 1970s" (changed to "in the 21st century" once the ’70s ended). The song is actually far stranger than that, though. In the book Shakey, Jimmy McDonough summarizes that strangeness as well as anybody when he says, "Accompanied by a mournful French horn, Young tickles the ivories and sings a tale of time travel that culminates in an exodus to another planet."

What does the song Ever from Washington DC mean?

Ever from Washington Dc, Dc I believe the song is about drug use. But imagine the song in the sense that it may be about the fact that humans are destroying the world and when it references Mother Nature on the run….then at the end "They were flying Mother Nature’s Silver seed to a new home in the sun." … meaning, putting Mother Nature on another planet out there with the sun, or in outer space. Now listen to the song thinking about mother nature moving on to somewhere else.

How many times is Robin Hood in the future?

The song is structured to take listeners through time. The first verse in set in the Middle Ages, the second in the time it was written in, and the third in the future. In 1992, Young explained it thusly: " [It’s] about three times in history: There’s a Robin Hood scene, there’s a fire scene in the present and there’s the future… the air is yellow and red, ships are leaving, certain people can go and certain people can’t… I think it’s going to happen."

Where is Vic from?

Vic from Wharton, Nj As new ages began, Mother Nature was put on the run. Totally open to pregnant thoughts, he drifts onto the end. As the last new age ends, chosen ones were picked to abandon the doomed Mother Nature.

Who sang "I love it" on Jimmy Fallon?

I love it.". On January 9, 2020, Patti Smith performed the song on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The performance created a lot of buzz because the song’s environmental themes overlap with heightened concerns about climate change. More songs from Neil Young.

Is "Greg" gender specific?

Some songs you hear men cover that women sang or vice versa and they seem out of place singing it… However, I think this is a song that is not gender specific. A testament to how great of an artist Neil young is.

Who sang the chorus for the song "Constantine’s Dream"?

New York songwriter Patti Smith recorded a stark piano-and-vocal cover of this ecological paean for the closing track of her 2012 album Banga. Her version features a children’s choir singing the chorus at the end. "’Constantine’s Dream,’ the song before it, is such a dark song," Smith explained to Billboard magazine.