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  • Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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What colors go well with gold & gray?

Gold and gray go well together. The colors gray and gold go together like the metallics silver and gold to create a classy-looking interior space that is restful and serene, yet never dull. Begin with the large areas of your space — the walls, ceiling and floor tones — and tie the scheme together with fabrics and accessories.

Does blue and gold go well together?

Blue and gold go great together unless the blue is too dark/grey (navy blue) or the gold is too dark (rusted). I think brow and black are both really good bases for outfits, but together they look tasteless.

Do black and green go well together?

Black and green go incredibly well together! My deadmau5 Google Chrome theme proves that point. If it’s dark green, I agree, but if it’s neon green… that’s my favorite color combination!

What color goes well with gold?

Again the warmth of the gold really mixes so well with the pale grey. Love! Via Larson Jennings.

Is grey a cool color?

But now, the contrast is so refreshing . Grey is a cool color, while the gold warms things up. I think it’s a natural reaction to the grey on grey trend where sometimes, in my opinion, it got so one dimensional that it appeared very cold. The gold tones break that up and give the space the warmth it needs. In fact, the greys are made even more …

Is grey and gold going anywhere?

Grey and gold has been on the design scene for a few years now, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. In fact, rather than receding, gold and brass tones are hotter than ever!

What color walls are good for a neutral room?

Gray walls create a quiet, neutral backdrop for furnishings and accessories. The color gray may lean toward warm neutrals like taupe or cooler neutrals like pewter; the choice is yours. Gold-toned walls produce a different effect — whether pale or deep, the room has a glow similar to sunlight.

What color goes well with gold?

The colors gray and gold go together like the metallics silver and gold to create a classy-looking interior space that is restful and serene, yet never dull. Begin with the large areas of your space — the walls, ceiling and floor tones — and tie the scheme together with fabrics and accessories.

What color fabric tie together the walls?

Fabrics Make the Connection. Patterned fabrics in gray and gold, gray and white, gold and white or gray, gold, and white tie together the walls, floors and ceilings colored in similar tones. Gold or gray window fabrics that have a silky shimmer also relate to the color scheme.

What degree does Aves have?

She holds a Master of Arts degree, a certificate in interior design, and completed post-graduate studies in journalism.

What color is gold?

Gold is always a warm hue, ranging from subdued tan to vibrant goldenrod. The warmth of a golden color gently balances the coolness of gray, and the energy of gold balances the peacefulness of gray, making them ideal companion colors. Advertisement.

What Colours Go With Gold?

If you’re looking to add golden accents to your home, we explore the different colours that go well with gold.

Gold & Pink

The colour combination gold, or rose gold and pink gold shot to stardom because of the ‘millennial pink’ trend. This notorious colour combination works so well together in interiors and is often seen paired with marble. There’s probably nothing more millennial than this trio!

Gold & Black & White

You can’t go wrong with this classic and timeless colour combination. It’s a fail safe match when it comes down to gold. The best way to use gold is to pull the room together with it by using subtle accents. Such as through sockets and switches, cabinet hardware and decor accesories.

Gold & Blue

Gold works extremely well with multiple shades of blue, from the lighter end of the spectrum right through to something as dark as cobalt blue. The two colours contrast perfectly together for maximum impact.

Gold & Grey

We know that gold is a match made in heaven for grey marble, so unsurprisingly it complements grey in an interior too.

Gold & Green

Pair deep shades of green with gold to make a bold statement. Whether you do this through way of paint, wallpaper or just by incorporating lots of greenery, gold and green are a force to be reckoned with in your interior.

Gold & White

Of course, gold and white are a timeless and elegant style when on their own together. A classic combination that is seen at weddings, during Christmas and through interiors.

The Best Colors to Use With Gold

Decorate with gold, and it can pack a punch, but use too much, and it can be overwhelming. There are a few ways to pair colors with gold without going overboard:

10 Colors that Pair Well With Gold

Decorating with a classic element like gold metal will never go out of style! However, certain colors bring a fresh appeal to gold. Here are some of our favorites to inspire you.

Things to Consider with Gold Color Palettes

Now that you have inspiration for your color palette, here are some do’s and don’ts. You’ll want to keep them in mind when choosing colors that go with gold.

Colors that Go With Gold: FAQ

Some questions may come to mind when you start planning a space with a gold palette. Let’s go over some of the top questions from other gold lovers!

So, What Colors Go Best with Gold?

We’ve given you a rainbow of inspiring colors that go with gold! We hope you found something to inspire you. When it comes to pairing gold with colors, you make the rules. Happy decorating!

Navy Blue

Whether you’re going for a regal feel or a nautical look, navy blue and gold are a dream team color combination.

Emerald Green

This rich shade of green is enormously popular right now, especially in interior design. Pairing emerald green with gold gives it a dramatic and luxurious feel which can work well in living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a pretty shade, especially for bedrooms. It can look too sickly sweet if paired with the wrong shade, but gold is a safe bet to match with this color.


Black and gold is a classic color combination that never fails to look dramatic and opulent. In fashion, gold dresses are commonly paired with black accessories such as shoes, belts, and bags, as these two colors have a longstanding reputation as being perfectly suited to each other.


Beige and gold are two colors that have very similar tones. For a sleek interior, you can use a selection of neutral beige tones accented with gold. By selecting different shades of beige with gold, there will be no contrasting colors that stand out, therefore making the whole room look seamless.


Add gold decor items to a predominantly white room to elevate the style and bring about a feeling of sophistication. A solely white room will look open and airy, but the addition of gold aspects will raise the style factor and add a touch of glamour.


Purple is a royal and regal color, and this is further emphasized when it is paired with gold. Use a deep aubergine shade of purple with gold for a striking and dramatic look. This can work especially well in a swanky dining room or a plush bedroom. Plum colors also work well with gold as they are both deep, rich colors.

What color is complementary?

Although orange & blue are technically "Complimentary" colors, that only refers to their spot on the color wheel. They are opposites. If you try to use these two colors together, they often make the entire work look muddy. This is because those two colors mixed together literally make a muddy color.

What color goes well with black?

Black goes well with practically any bright color.

What color is summer?

Orange and green are summery colors, and I think they look very nice together! Lots of dresses worn in spring are made of orange and green.

Do purple and yellow go together?

Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel and thus, go together. This is called complimentary colors. This should be way higher. At present (with 4 more attractive color combinations higher on the list) this is the ugliest combination I have seen here.

Is maroon and purple close together?

No way. They are too close together. What makes maroon is brown and purple. Couldn’t pair those.

Is red and pink good together?

I think red and pink are fine together. They’re both good colors for hearts

Is brown and black ok?

Brown and black is beautiful ok. It reminded me of wolves and wolves are my favorite animals!