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  • Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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does golden corral have gluten free food插图

Golden Corral has plenty of gluten-free options on its menu such aschicken,beef,pork,turkey,fruit,and vegetables. However,there are a few items you want to be aware of and avoid before deciding what to order. Things like bread,sandwiches,gravy,and certain sauces should be avoided at all costs.

What is the best food in Golden Corral?

They are (in no particular order):Fried chickenSirloin steakBurger barButterfly shrimpFried fishMacaroni cheeseMashed potatoesCarrot cakeCotton candyChocolate fountain

Does Golden Corral have good food?

On weekends, you definitely need to get to Golden Corral for their breakfast spread, with omelets and cooked-to-order eggs, pancakes and waffles, sausage and bacon, cinnamon rolls and fruit…we could go on, but let’s just say it’s really good. The price is right, too—less than $9. 5. The salad bar is out-of-this-world.

How much is the dinner buffet at Golden Corral?

The buffet is open Monday to Saturday from 4 P.M. and the price is $8.79 per person For the Weeknight Dinner Buffets for Adults There beverage items are not included. From Monday to Thursday it starts from 4 P.M. and the charge is $13.99 per person. On Fridays and Saturdays the buffet opens after 4 P.M. and it is $14.99 per person.

Is Golden Corral healthy?

Eating Healthy at Golden Corral. You are sure to find friendly service, great value and fresh and tasty food when you dine at Golden Corral, but if you are not careful you will also find that you overextended your calorie intake as well.


Kiddo is scheduled to go on an all-day school field trip next week and will be bringing a packed lunch and stopping at Golden Corral for dinner. I won’t be attending. I e-mailed them and asked about options/info. but haven’t gotten a response back.


We eat at Golden Corral every once in a while. Ours is not very clean & spoons are always tossed from one dish to another. I would not call it a great place to dine! BUt when options are very limited , I guess one bites the bullet.


Thanks mawmaw, you’ve given me some ideas. I just don’t trust the roasts etc. to not be floured or cooked with broths or other unsafe flavoring ingredients. So I got that deer in the headlights feeling when I looked at their online menu. He’ll be outside all day and be starving so I want to make sure he has enough.


I hear you both. I am one of the sensitive ones who reacts to gluten-free products tested to be under 5ppm. Sometimes you fight and sometimes you just make the best of an imperfect situation. The location and chain will not be changed for my son, that’s unrealistic and people who don’t get it or don’t care aren’t going to change.


Oberto has a couple of beef jerky flavors. I only buy the original, its not my favorite.!!!


Kiddo had a good trip. In the end we sent an extra pack of sausage bites that were shelf stable with him. He ate the icecream, fruits and veg, and the sausage bites (Old Wisconsin-says gluten-free on the label) and was satisfied. In fact he LOVED the sausage bits. I don’t usually buy things like that.


Aren’t GCs all just huge buffets? There isn’t any chance at all I would ever eat at one. Period. They have so many gluteny items that there isn’t a thing there I would trust. When my best friend graduated college and got her Master’s in accounting everyone went there to celebrate.