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does six flags gold season pass include parking插图

The Six Flags Great Adventure Gold Season Pass comes withseason parkingfor each Pass issued,as well as free parking at every other Six Flags park. If you make the rounds like I do,that parking pass at other Six Flags parks can come in handy.

How do you buy Six Flags season pass?

Tickets,Passes and MembershipsYou MUST buy your tickets online,before you arrive.You MUST pay for parking online,before you arrive. Season Passes and Memberships include parking.Six Flags accepts card mobile payments only. This includes parking. Please review our park policies as it relates to card and mobile payment.

How much is season pass to Six Flags?

How Much Does The Six Flags Dining Pass Cost? To see how much the dining pass costs by itself, you have to break down the cost difference between a season pass with the dining pass and the one without. The Extreme Season Pass is $139 per adult, adding the dining pass makes it $180 per adult.

How much is Six Flags Gold Pass?

The three levels and costs per person (according to Six Flags’ preorder site) are: Regular, $35 each, Gold, $55 each, and Platinum, $85 each. With the Regular level, when you enter the next ride you want to ride, the flash pass device will set your wait time to the current wait-time for that ride.

How long do Six Flags season passes last?

Season passes typically last the full season in which you buy them. In amusement/theme park terms, a season is a full year (1989 season, 1990 season, 1991 season, etc.). So, if you bought one this January, it should be good for all of 2020. What is the difference between season pass and membership at Six Flags?

How to dispute a Six Flags ticket?

A party who intends to seek arbitration must first send to the other, by certified mail, a written Notice of Dispute (“Notice”). The Notice to Six Flags should be addressed to: General Counsel, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, 1000 Ballpark Way Suite 400, Arlington, TX 76011 (the “Notice Address”). If Six Flags and the affected Pass Holders do not reach an agreement to resolve the dispute within 30 days after the Notice is received, either party may commence an arbitration proceeding. During the arbitration, the amount of any settlement offer made by either party shall not be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator determines the amount, if any, to which you or Six Flags is entitled.

What is a biometric card at Six Flags?

Biometric Identification Cards: Six Flags uses Biometric Identification Cards to authenticate most Pass Holders. A guest will scan their finger, hashing the information into an indecipherable series of numbers, and then linking it to the guest’s account. Biometric data collected from guests is securely stored and is not shared with third parties for marketing or other commercial purposes. Pass Holder biometric data is automatically destroyed within one year following the cancellation/expiration of a Pass Holder’s account.

What is a Six Flags Pass?

A Six Flags Pass entitles the purchaser to admission to the Home Park and is subject to the operating calendars of the Home Park and any applicable exclusion dates as published on www.sixflags.com.

What happens if you suspend your Six Flags Pass?

Six Flags will continue to collect all monthly payments due , including the monthly payment for the Pass holder whose Membership has been suspended, during any such period of suspension. Upon the conclusion of the investigation and depending upon the findings of such investigation, the suspended Six Flags Pass will either be reinstated and extended to cover the period during which such Pass was suspended, reinstated without extension for the suspension period, or immediately revoked. In any event, Six Flags will continue to collect all amounts due under any applicable Membership Agreement or any purchase financing agreement in place.

How long is a Six Flags membership valid?

Membership Valid Until Dates: Six Flags Memberships are valid from the time that the first monthly Membership payment is made until the time the Six Flags Membership is validly cancelled or otherwise deactivated. Terms and conditions related to Membership cancellations are set forth in the Pass Holder’s Membership Agreement.

What happens if you violate the rules at Six Flags?

Violation of Park Rules: Violation of park rules will result in expulsion. A copy of park rules is available upon request. Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive or in poor taste is prohibited. Clothing with inappropriate/offensive words, phrases or graphics are prohibited. While at any Six Flags Attraction (with the exception of waterparks, as appropriate), shirts and footwear with soles must be worn at all times.

What is the assumption of general risk?

Assumption of General Risk: Guest assumes the inherent risks associated with the operation of all rides and attractions and should read and obey all safety signage, instructions and rules. Six Flags assumes no responsibility for accident or loss to any person in connection with the condition or use of the park, rides and amusements or their entrance into or departure from the park.