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  • Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

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William Devane says he is buying gold and other valuable components fromRosland Capitalto protect himself and his people from investment inflation. What gold company does William Devane advertise for Rosland Is Capital is a precious metals investment management company that sells gold and other precious metals in physical form.

Why is William Devane buying gold from Rosland Capital?

William Devane says he is buying gold and other valuable components from Rosland Capital to protect himself and his people from investment inflation. Rosland Is Capital is a precious metals investment management company that sells gold and other precious metals in physical form.

Should you invest in gold and silver through William Devane?

The actor William Devane doesn’t think so. In fact, he encourages people to invest in gold and silver through the company. In an October 2021 commercial, he starts his pitch by talking about the country’s huge debt. While the figure itself is already shocking, he adds that it still grows by the millions daily. For Devane, this should worry you.

What is William Devane’s net worth?

William Devane’s net worth is only $5mil which is not that much money these days. With his sprawling ranch and private plane, he actually wouldn’t have that much liquid cash to purchase gold “every chance he gets!” So my guess is Rosland Capital compensates William by tossing him a couple of gold coins each time he films YET ANOTHER disgusting ad.

Is William Devane a Republican or Democrat?

William Devane is a member of the Democrat political party of the United States of America. Rosland Capital is a precious metals asset management firm that sells gold and other precious metals in physical form.

What does Rosland believe?

Rosland believes that it is a must, you need to allot a portion of your investments to gold, silver, and other metals. This ensures that your assets are protected no matter what.

What makes Rosland stand out?

Rosland says it stands by "honesty, high-quality customer service, and public education".

What is Rosland investment?

In a nutshell, what Rosland offers is the opportunity to put your investments in various forms. This is what a diverse portfolio looks like. Such a strategy will help ensure that you will always have funds when the time comes that you would already need them.

Why does Rosland offer such information?

Rosland says it offers such information because of what it wants to ultimately accomplish. It does not just want to sell. The company wants to educate people so they can strengthen their assets and protect their wealth.

What does Devane end with?

Devane ends with a final warning: This is your wake-up call. A voice-over, then, dictates the number to call if you want to talk to Rosland Capital representatives.

Why is it important to acquire precious metals?

In its opinion, acquiring precious metals will help diversify your investments. As an advocate of diversification, it wants more people to learn about what it is and how to maximize its benefits.

Where is Rosland located?

Aside from its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Rosland has other centers. It also has offices in  London, Hong Kong, Munich, and Sweden. This ensures that it can better serve its international clients interested in the trade.

How much is William Devane worth?

Much of William Devane’s wealth has come from his salary as an actor. As of 2019, the American-born actor’s net worth is estimated at 5 million US dollars .

What political party is William Devane?

William Devane is a member of the Democrat political party of the United States of America.

Where is Devane from?

Devane was born on September 5, 1939, in Albany, New York. He is the son of Joseph Devane is of and Irish descent and his mother had Dutch and German ancestry. He graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City in 1962.

Where did William Devane start his acting career?

William Devane’s career as an actor started back in his high school days where he took different roles in a neighbourhood theatre.

Who played Greg Sumner on Knots Landing?

William is known for his role as Greg Sumner on the primetime soap opera Knots Landing (1983–1993) and as James Heller on the Fox serial dramas 24 (2001–2010) and 24: Live Another Day (2014).

What does the gold IRA ad say?

These ads and others like them often include an appeal to put your retirement savings into a precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) either to make your money safer or help it grow faster.

How to add gold to retirement?

Tax issues aside, financial experts say there is a much more cost-effective way to add gold to your retirement portfolio: invest in an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks the price of the metal. These funds — like SPDR Gold Shares, IShares Gold Trust, ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Shares and others — are essentially trusts that own vast quantities of gold bullion. SPDR Gold, for example, has nearly $34 billion in gold bars tucked in a giant underground vault in London where workers in titanium-toed shoes drive the stuff around on forklifts.

What would happen if the spread was 17%?

Then there is the potential problem of cashing out.

How much did gold fall in 2011?

Then in this century, the metal really took off. It rose by more than 500% from January 2000 (when it traded at around $280 per ounce) to a high of roughly $1,900 in August 2011, while inflation climbed only 34%. Since then, however, gold has fallen by about a third in value, to around $1,270 an ounce in mid-June, while inflation edged up 8%.

Why do advertisers prefer conservative media?

The advertisers’ preference for conservative media may be due to the fact that their ads tend to play on fears of financial collapse. The world is a dangerous place, they may say. Excessive national debt, inflation or even global upheaval could hammer the value of stocks, bonds and cash.

What is the law on gold coins?

In fact, the law names specific gold, silver and platinum coins that qualify — like the American Gold Eagle — and defines purity standards for gold, silver, platinum or palladium bars in such accounts. Other coins and jewelry are forbidden.

Why is the focus on retirement accounts important?

The focus on retirement accounts makes sense because that’s where so many older Americans have their assets.

Did William Devane make money from Rosland Capital?

One thing for certain. William Devane has made a considerable pile of money thanks to Rosland Capital —doing their commercials, that is. Good for him. If I could, I would do the same.

Who is the man in the Rosland commercial?

In the Rosland Capital commercials William Devane is portrayed as a man who has made a lot of money. I’m sure he has, but how much of that money was gotten by gold investment, do you think? I’ll bet that movies, television, and real estate investing might have contributed to the Devane coffers as much or more than precious metals have.

Who is Greg Crosby?

JWR contributor Greg Crosby, former creative head for Walt Disney publications, has written thousands of comics, hundreds of children’s books, dozens of essays, and a letter to his congressman. He’s also a Southern California-based freelance writer.