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how do you get golden keys for borderlands 2插图

You can give yourself Golden Keys in Borderlands 2 bypressing the back button before opening a chest, and then selecting “Golden Key”, choosing that option and then opening the chest. The “borderlands 2 unlimited golden keys 2021” is a key that gives players an unlimited amount of money and experience.

How to get to sonic cyclone in Borderlands 3?

Sonic Cyclone can be found on the Prometheus in the Meridian Metroplex region. The picture above shows the vehicle’s location. Once you get to the place, you will notice that the yellow force field blocks access to the vehicle. You have to deactivate this force field. Note the orange wire that comes from the fuse box to the left of the force field.

How to get more weapon slots in Borderlands 3?

While upgrading your inventory space requires the purchase of SDUs, players will be able to unlock new weapon slots for absolutely free, so long as they continue to level up. New weapon slots will open as players level up in Borderlands 3, making it important to continue earning experience throughout your time in the game.

How to get more Eridium in Borderlands 3?

Where to Spend EridiumCrazy Earl: You find Crazy Earl in the Cargo Hold of Sanctuary (your space ship). …Veteran Rewards Machine: The Eridium Rewards machine is found standing next to Crazy Earl,in the cargo hold of Sanctuary (your space ship).Slot Machines: Also found in Sanctuary,at Moxxxi’s bar you can find a purple colored slot machine that uses Eridium.More items…

How to get the transformer in Borderlands 3?

The Transformer is a legendary absorb shield in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained from the mission It’s Alive located in Desolation’s Edge , on Nekrotafeyo. Also, The Transformer is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Queen Ant Wanette located in The Splinterlands on Pandora.

How to redeem Borderlands 2 extras?

Here is the official guide provided by the Gearbox Software helpdesk on how to redeem these exclusive codes. 1) In the main menu of Borderlands 2, select “Extras.”. 2) Select “Shift Codes” from the “Extras” menu. Borderlands 2 Extras menu. 3) From the “My Offers” screen, choose “Shift Code.”.

Can you redeem a code on Borderlands?

However, the site sometimes has some hiccups. So it’s possible you are not able to redeem a new code or it mentions you don’t have “platform x” linked to your account.

Can an individual code cause issues?

There is always the possibility that an individual code gives issues with your account. This could be a one-time thing. If you keep encounter these or some other sort of issues there might be a solution to your problem in the knowledge base or you can submit a ticket.

What is the app for Borderlands 2?

LootTheWorld is a free app download where users can use their mobile devices and link them to their Borderlands 2 SHiFT account. By using the app to scan UPCs or QR Codes, users can obtain loot and send it to their Borderlands 2 in-game account via Stamps. QR codes are sent from Gearbox or created by unlimited generators like LootBox2 .

Where are the Golden Keys in Borderlands 2?

Golden Keys are special rewards for users who have signed up for SHiFT. Each Golden Key opens the special Golden Key Loot Chest near the Fast-Travel Station in the middle of Sanctuary once. LootTheWorld is a free app download where users can use their mobile devices and link them to their Borderlands 2 SHiFT account.

What is the horror Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler?

Borderlands 2: The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler is a DLC for Borderlands 2 , featuring a Thanksgiving theme. It includes a new mission as well as unlockable heads and skins for each character.

What is the third party website for Gearbox?

Looking for more updates? The third-party website, https://shift.orcicorn.com/ has an automated tracker for all social media posts from Gearbox to show you the latest codes available.

How to enter a shift code?

To enter SHiFT codes, access the Extras menu from the Main Menu and enter the code.

What to do if a code is expired?

If a code has expired, please hit EDIT and replace the date in parentheses that follows that particular code with " (expired)".

How many items can you store on a mobile device?

Users can only store 20 items on their mobile devices before having to delete or send them to their accounts.

How to redeem Golden Key codes?

Previously, you had to redeem Golden Key codes in-game. To do that, you have to go to Extras on the main menu, enter the SHIFT option, and then type in the code to redeem it. Thankfully you can now redeem codes via the Borderlands website though, which makes things much easier. Simply log into your SHIFT account, hover over the SHIFT link at the top of the page and click Redeem Code. You can then either type a code in or simply copy and paste. Easy!

How to get golden keys in Borderlands?

To be able to get Golden Keys, you first need to create a Gearbox SHIFT account . You can either do this in-game by going to Extras in the Main Menu and then clicking on the SHIFT option, or you can visit the Borderlands website and click the SHIFT link at the top of the page. Simply enter an email address and a password, and then link your SHIFT account to your PlayStation, Xbox or Steam accounts. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set.

What are golden keys?

They basically allow you to open a Golden Chest, and inside will be a couple of pieces of valuable loot that are appropriate to your level. Needless to say, Golden Keys are great for getting you kitted-up when you need it the most. But how do you get them?

Where to open Golden Keys?

Once you’ve got some Golden Keys, you’re probably going to want to use them. To do that, boot up either Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2 or Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and head to a safe settlement such as Fyrestone or Sanctuary. There you’ll find a Golden Chest which you can open with your Golden Keys. Be careful if you open the Golden Chest while playing in co-op online though, as other players will be able to snaffle your items from right under your nose.

How many letters are in Xbox codes?

That means that if you’re playing on PC, you’ll need to make sure you obtain codes for that format. Codes consist of five groups of five letters and numbers, so Xbox users will feel right at home with them. Be aware, though, that codes have expiry dates, and can often only be used so many times, too.

What is the Golden Key?

The Golden Key is an item which unlocks the Golden Chests in Sanctuary or Concordia. These chests contain weapons of purple or magenta rarity, and relics may be blue or purple. All loot is scaled to the character used to open the chest at the time. Golden Keys are single use, impossible to trade, and are not dropped as part of loot in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel .

What happens if you take only one item from the Golden Chest?

If, after taking only one item from the Golden Chest, the player leaves Sanctuary then comes back and picks up the remaining item (s), the chest will remain open and unusable for the duration of that session. Restarting the game is the only workaround.

Is Golden Keys in Borderlands 2?

All loot is scaled to the character used to open the chest at the time. Golden Keys are single use , impossible to trade, and are not dropped as part of loot in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre -Sequel .