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What is the gold strike Hot Springs Trail?

Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail is a 6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder City, Nevada that features hot springs and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from October until May. ? Lake Mead National Recreation Area charges a fee to enter.

What is the best time to hike the gold strike trail?

Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail is a 6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder City, Nevada that features hot springs and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from October until May.

How long does it take to climb gold strike hot springs?

The entirety of the Gold Strike Hot Springs trail is about two miles one way, but does incorporate a series of 20-foot rope climbs that are well beyond beginner level. Plan for about 3-4 hours of hiking and scrambling time in each direction, or a full day adventure if you really want to soak up this spring’s full potential.

How long does it take to hike the Colorado River Trail?

Length: 3.2 miles. To Gold Strike hot spring and back. The trail continues down (past the hot spring) to the Colorado River, but it becomes much more treacherous and difficult. If you continue down the trail to the river, the hike is over 6 miles roundtrip.

What app do you use to navigate the AllTrails app?

Use Navigator in the AllTrails app and join the 2858 other outdoor explorers who have completed this trail.

How much water do you need to hike the canyon?

Make sure you have proper shoes and at least 3 liters of water. The hike is so worth it just the direct heat when trekking back up the canyon is intense.

How many ropes are there in the river?

There are 8 fixed ropes if you go all the way to the river. Some are difficult – especially when coming back up. At the 1.5 mile point of the hike, you come to the first obstacle – a large boulder with what looks like a nasty drop-off. If you look at the rock wall to your right, you’ll see some steps.

What are the boulders on the dirt road?

The boul ders mark the end of the dirt road. There is a lot of parking here and along the road in.

Where is the Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail?

Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail. Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail is a 6 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Boulder City , Nevada that features hot springs and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from October until May.

Is there traffic jam at the rope section?

Crowded, there were traffic jams at some of the rope sections. I’m incredibly inpatient so I did some rock climbing instead when I could. Required some fairly difficult moves, wouldn’t recommend if not experienced at rock climbing, not that I’m experienced myself. I survived at least

Is the Hot Springs hike good?

The hike is very long and you will need a lot of water! There were a couple people with their cute pups, just be ready to carry them down/up the ropes. The hot springs are nice! It was recommended to not get our eyes wet because of the bacteria. Overall it was a fun hike. Just be prepared to put in some work!

Accessing the Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs Trail

The most popular way to access the trailhead is off Highway 93. Park your vehicle in the free parking lot near the trailhead, then embark on a gravel trail that begins just before the Hoover Dam Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. From here, the trail descends down through Gold Strike Canyon all the way to the mighty Colorado River.

Staying Safe on the Gold Strike Hike

The scenery is spectacular as you navigate enormous, red rock canyon walls, dotted with vibrant native plants and Desert Bighorn Sheep. Before the hike gets serious, visitors will find a checkpoint station equipped with water supplies and packets of salt and sugar to prevent dehydration. From here, the real work begins at the first rope descent.


The National Park Service recommends avoiding this trail during summer months (usually May through September) due to extreme heat and potential rattlesnakes, as well as on rainy days as flash floods can occur. We also recommend bringing a friend on this hike, but to leave furry companions at home.


Camping overnight is not permitted, and no day use permits are required to access Gold Strike Hot Springs. For more information on planning your visit to this Nevada hot spring, get in touch with Lake Mead National Recreation Area directly at (775) 293-8990.

Where is the Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail Located?

You can find the trail head at 601 Great Basin Hwy, Boulder City, NV 89005 – only 40 minutes outside of the heart of Las Vegas.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Hiking This Trail?

When I hiked it, as a 5’6″ 150lb woman, I burned over 2,000 calories . You can see the activity levels below. There are 2 reports, because we stopped at the hot springs and picked back up at 10:50am to head back.

Where to go in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is known for its outdoor activities that can be found around all areas of the city and a short drive away on the outskirts in Henderson, Boulder City , and more. The Gold Strike Hot Springs Trail is a popular destination for locals. Here’s everything you need to know about it so you can explore, too!

Is there a brain eating infection in hot springs?

Naegleria Fowleri (a brain eating infection) has been found in the water on the trail and in the hot springs, but is not common. It is recommended to keep your head out of the water to avoid it (it typically enters through your nasal passage from the water).

Do snakes live in Vegas?

Be aware of snakes and other critters. I did not see anything in particular on our hike, but snakes have been known to be seen and rattlesnakes are common in Vegas.

Do you need a backpack for hiking?

Dehydration! Make sure you bring PLENTY of water – you will need it! A backpack will be handy to keep your snacks and water in, but make sure it’s not too heavy so you aren’t carrying any unnecessary baggage throughout the trail.

What is the difference between the second rope and the third rope?

The second rope is a tad easier (but in a tight space) and the third rope is really more of a slide. You’re basically just holding the rope so you don’t slide down too fast and bust your ankles. If you’re really concerned with this one, ask a buddy to go down first and guide your feet down with their hands.

How many ropes do you need to descend to get to the hot springs?

Before reaching the hot springs, you’ll have to descend 3 different ropes. The first rope can be a bit precarious at first, but once you reach the carved steps it becomes a lot easier! Take your time and remember, that drop isn’t as bad as it looks at first glance.

How deep is a hot spring?

This hot spring is the perfect depth for sitting and soaking (about 2.5 feet deep) and the water is a comfortable temperature. Though personally, I’d compare the feeling to that of a warm bath rather than a hot tub.

What happens after you pass the Highway 93 bridge?

After you pass the Highway 93 bridge, you’ll see your first car wreck. It’s totally peculiar and I couldn’t quite figure out how a vehicle managed to get down there (even if it did fly off the road from above). A strange anomaly, but interesting to look at and to photograph.

When is the best time to visit Gold Strike?

Best Time to Visit. Early in the morning, anywhere from November – April. Arriving early will allow you to beat the crowds (this is a surprisingly popular trail) and stay cool in the dim morning light. NOTE: The trail to Gold Strike is closed from May – October.

Where is the first hot spring in Gold Strike?

It’s just around the corner and a slight descent from the first pool ( hidden behind some rocks on the right-hand side).

Is the Gold Strike trail difficult?

Difficulty: Moderate. While the Gold Strike trail requires a bit of climbing and descending, it’s doable for the average hiker. The descents are not too difficult and not too far down and there are only a couple places where bouldering is necessary.


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Gold Strike Hot… Trail Reports

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Getting to Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs Trailhead

Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs trailhead is located on Goldstrike Pass Road in Boulder City, right off Highway 93. You should be able to use your GPS to get there. Once you exit onto Goldstrike Pass Road, follow the paved road to the right. The paved road will turn into a bumpy, dirt road. You’ll see the big dirt parking lot on the right.

The Beginning of the Hike

We got to Gold Strike Hot Springs trailhead around 8 am. Even so, by the time we got there, the parking lot was almost full. We snatched up the last parking spot before getting ready for our adventure. From the trailhead, it is a short distance on a paved road toward a gate. After the gate, the trail turns into a sandy wash.

Rope 1

At around 1.5 miles, you’ll come up with the first roped section. According to the map at the trailhead, there are 7 ropes total. However, we counted 9 when we went. According to the locals we’ve met on the hike, some ropes might be added along the way. Some of these roped sections have a by-pass around. Unfortunately, not the first one.

Rope 2

Once we got down to the first rope, we kept following the wash for about 0.3 miles until we came up to the second roped section. The rope runs down a slanted slab of granite rock. As we were about to climb down the rope, a few local hikers came up and told us about the bypass on the left-down canyon. According to them, this rope wasn’t here before.

Rope 3

After a short distance and more scrambling, we came up to the third rope of the Gold Strike Hot Springs trail. This one is anchored on the left side of the rock wall. You kind of have to climb over the big rock at the beginning and drop onto the top of the chockstone. From here, you can use a rope to walk down.

Rope 4

The fourth rope is not too far after the third one. It is down a short dry fall, about 6ft or so. Taller people can probably just slide down the dry fall. However, there is a rope there if you need it. You’ll definitely need the rope on the way back up. Again, this roped section can be very slippery.

Upper Gold Strike Hot Springs

After the fourth rope, there was a bit more scrambling before we saw the first sign of water. As we walked closer to the water, we could feel the heat radiating from some sections. There was green moss and sulfur all along the running water. This area is known as the Upper Gold Strike Hot Springs pools.

How many feet of rope do you need to climb the Colorado River?

The stretch of canyon past the pools going to the river is significantly more difficult, and there is one section where you have to pull yourself up a 6-foot rope. Along the way, you’ll come across waterfalls and hot springs and the trail ends at the Colorado River.

What flowers grow in the desert?

Plants include indigo bush, ground cherry, Mormon tea, cheese bush, rush-milkweed, rabbit brush, desert fir, globe mallow, desert tobacco, desert trumpet, rock nettle, rock daisy, and windmills. You also might see big horn sheep watching over you.

Where is Gold Strike Canyon?

The hike at Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs, also known as the Nevada Hot Springs, follows a canyon to the Colorado River just downstream from Hoover Dam.

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