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How many episodes of Gold Rush are there?

The following is a list of episodes of Gold Rush. As of August 6, 2021, 63 episodes have aired including 14 specials. In the face of the economic meltdown, six men will risk everything to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.

Is’gold rush’canceled or renewed?

Don’t expect Gold Rush to go away any time soon. The show continues to be a major draw for Discovery, and in fact, the channel recently released a press release stating how Gold Rush was the most-watched unscripted series for men in 2020 out of any other show across broadcast networks.

What’s new in the Gold Rush?

Follow the lives of ambitious miners as they head north in pursuit of gold. With new miners, new claims, new machines and new ways to pull gold out of the ground, the stakes are higher than ever.

What is the plot of the Gold Rush?

A battle breaks out to secure and mine the best ground. Parker brings in his first gold; Fred tracks down a hot lead. Parker’s team battles a torrent of water. Rick rescues a rookie miner.

What does Tony order his son to do?

Tony orders son Kevin to train up a new dredge master; Rick hunts for a new washplant with his crew; and with Parker’s ground frozen, he must find a way to mine the gold to pay his deposit to Tony.

What do Rick and crew fight for?

Rick and crew fight to get as much gold as possible before they’re shut down. Tony races to finish his second dredge and Parker makes the riskiest move of the season. Show more

What happens when Rick fires up his washplant?

Disaster strikes when Rick fires up his washplant for the first time. Parker tries a risky plan to keep the gold coming in and must decide on a new foreman to replace Rick. Tony must transport his tug Kid Commando to the dock for a crucial stability test.

What is the issue with Rick’s washplant?

An issue with Rick’s washplant may be costing him thousands in gold; Parker risks using a dozer to move Sluicifer; the Dakota Boy’s equipment failure leaves a crew member with life-threatening burns, while having two dredges running proves fruitful .

What happened to Parker in The Dakota Boys?

Parker crashes a boat resulting in a terrible injury; Frozen ground and machine failure threaten Rick’s season; Tony and family finally rebuild his second dredge; and the Dakota Boys discover a rich nugget trap, but accidentally risk the life of a crewmember.

Where do the greenhorns go to mine for gold?

A father and son bring a group of greenhorns to Porcupine Creek, Alaska, to mine for gold in this reality series.

Who drafts a Gold Rush vet?

To save his season, Rick drafts a Gold Rush vet and former member of team Hoffman. Chasing a record-breaking goal, Parker orders an unachievable goal. Tony and Monica fire up their wash plant as they battle to beat Parker to the gold.

What happens to Parker in Big Nugget?

With the wash plant prepped, the Hoffman crew finally has their first clean-out of the season. Pressure mounts at Big Nugget where Parker is forced to run his grandfather’s safety dirt. But when John decides to shut the wash plant down, Parker explodes.

What happened to the Hoffmans at Smith Creek?

At Smith Creek, Parker turns into a lumberjack to get to his gold.

How long is the miner’s future on Porcupine Creek?

The miners’ futures are on the line at Porcupine Creek. After 80 days, the miners are behind schedule, and the Hoffmans have run out of money and deliver the crew an ultimatum: find $10,000 worth of gold in the next two days, or the families have to head home to Oregon.

Why did the Hoffman crew kick James Harness out of the crew?

During a meeting, the Hoffman Crew kick James Harness out of the crew for absences and lack of commitment.

Why are Fred and Parker shut down?

The Hoffman Crew decides to run 24/7 with drastic affects. Fred and Parker are shut down for lack of training violations.

How long did the Hoffman crew spend in Alaska?

The Hoffman crew spent five months and over quarter of a million dollars in a desperate attempt to find gold in Alaska. With previously un-aired material, this special reveals what went wrong and how the guys plan to hit the mother lode next season. 2. " The Off-Season ".

How much does the glory hole excavator weigh?

Rain and thawing snow flood the mine and Jack puts his life on the line as the glory hole caves in around the massive 100,000 pound excavator.

What is the Discovery series about?

Discovery follows some of these modern-day gold diggers in the hit reality TV series, Gold Rush. In the 21st century, they have a lot more at their disposal than just a pickaxe and a tin plate. With massive crews, the likes of Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness, and Tony Beets venture into what seem like barren landscapes to try to raise their fortunes.

When will season 12 of Gold Rush come out?

At the latest, it would make sense for season 12 to come out in November or December of 2021.

Who are the miners on the Miners?

The main miners from years’ past are ready to make their return. Parker Schnabel, Fred Dodge, and Chris Doumitt have been with the series since the very beginning while Tony Beets and Rick Ness came onboard for the sophomore season. They’ve all appeared regularly on the show over the years, and Shnabel and Beets in particular appear poised to claim outsized roles on Season 12.

Who is Ness’ girlfriend in 2021?

It looks like Ness may have some company for his upcoming excursion. In a Facebook post uploaded on January 27, 2021, Ness’ girlfriend, Leese M. Arie stated that she would be joining Ness in Canada this summer. It’s unclear if Ness would put her to work or if she’ll mostly just be hanging out, but all answers should be revealed once the new season airs a few more episodes.

Where did people go in the 1840s?

In the 1840s, people traveled from far and wide to California, in search of gold. Prospectors without anything to their names headed west in the hopes of striking it rich, and while you may initially think all the gold out there has been dug up, there are still plenty of people with that excavator spirit.

Will there be a season 12 of Gold Rush?

Season 12 hasn’t yet received the green light, but it’s a fairly safe bet that the announcement will come sooner or later, considering the massive popularity of the series. Here’s what we can expect going forward into season 12 of Gold Rush .

Is the Gold Rush going away?

Don’t expect "Gold Rush" to go away any time soon. The show continues to be a major draw for Discovery, and in fact, the channel recently released a press release stating how "Gold Rush" was the most-watched unscripted series for men in 2020 out of any other show across broadcast networks. Other series may be fools’ gold, but it’s clear this one is still paying out dividends.

Learn How To Do The Job Fast

When Todd Hoffman and his crew first started in season one, they knew very little about gold mining. It was an adventure born out of desperation to carve out a new life after the men had all lost their jobs or businesses during the economic downturn.

There Are A Total Of Eight Spinoff Shows

In total, the “Gold Rush” franchise has already produced seven spinoff shows , with the eighth one currently on the way. The first official spinoff, “Gold Rush: The Jungle,” premiered between Seasons 2 and 3 of “Gold Rush” and was more of a special episode than a proper series.

Follow Safety Rules Or Face The Consequences

In season nine, Hoffman’s safety officer, Trey, spends 2 1/2 of the worst hours of his life with the Mining Safety and Health Administration . While visiting their operation, officials from MSHA witness Todd Hoffman’s son, Hunter, horsing around with other workers in a specialized mining vehicle without their safety belts.

What Happened To Gene Cheeseman

The work Gene put on is a thing of admiration he is the man who sees the bigger picture than to achieve success for a short while. Gene appeared in few episodes of Gold Rush with Tony Beets and his crew in 2017. However, he was absent for the most of the seventh season. Again in 2018, Gene has not appeared in Gold Rush.

Gene Cheeseman Death What Happened To Gold Rush Cast

Gene Cheeseman is an expert contractor best know as the cast of reality TV show Gold Rush. He has worked under two different bosses in Gold Mining. Though this stars great-great-grandfather was a gold miner in Alaska in the late 1800s, Gene came into gold mining through the hard work.

Discovery Has A Few Ways To Watch Gold Rush: Dave Turins Lost Mine

Sometimes when we find good spin-offs, were sad to learn that theyre virtually unavailable everywhere. Thankfully, thats not the case with Dave Turins Lost Mine. The spin-off is currently available to stream online. Of course, since it is a Discovery channel show, thats where you can find it.

List Of Gold Rush Episodes

Gold Rush is a reality television series that airs on Discovery Channel, with reruns also airing on TLC. The show’s ninth season began airing on October 12, 2018. As of May 4, 2018, a total of 176 episodes of Gold Rush have been aired, including 16 specials and two mini-series.