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  • Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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Gold Information Pay attention to the price of gold

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Why buy 22K gold rings for men from India?

For many Indian Men, 22K Gold Rings from India are an essential wardrobe item. 22K Indian Gold Rings add that finishing touch to your beauty. Shop our large selection of Indian gold Rings for men. Buy 22K Gold Rings to add to your South Indian wedding rings collection or buy religious Gold Rings for Men from India, in a variety of styles.

How much does a gold ring cost?

Gold rings are available in various sizes and also varying purity (8 Karat to 24 Karat) where each comprises a different composition of the element gold. A gold ring can vary in price from just a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand.

How is the price of Gold calculated in India?

The price of gold is calculated based on the value notified by the government of India. This value is subject to change from time to time, according to market conditions. A purchase receipt can be good to show the source. However, prices are calculated as per value on the date of travel.

What is the difference between 9 Karat and 24 karat gold rings?

The composition of gold in a 24 Karat ring is 99.9%. A 9 Karat gold item is expected to have a 37.5% gold composition, making it significantly cheaper than the 24 Karat piece. 10 grams of a 24 Karat gold ring can cost up to 650 USD, whereas 10 grams of a 14 Karat gold ring can cost you about 375 USD.

Export Certificate For Gold

An export certificate is a document issued by customs and contains information like the passenger’s name, passport number and details of the item. In the case of gold jewellery, it will have weight, description etc.

Part 2: Importing Gold As Baggage

Any passenger of Indian Origin or a passenger holding a valid Indian passport, coming to India after a period of not less than six months of stay abroad can import gold as baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally customs officials do not mind if ladies are wearing small jewellery for daily use (eg. a small chain, a pair of earrings etc). To be on the safer side, you can get an export certificate.