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What is iPic Entertainment LLC?

iPic Entertainment LLC was previously listed as M Theaters, LLC. The company changed its name in May of 2006. iPic Theaters were also formerly called Gold Class Cinemas, which was known for its expensive but luxurious experience. iPic Entertainment LLC also operates Pinstrikes, a bowling alley often present in the cinema theaters.

Does IPC membership pay for itself?

Plus, nearly 90% agree that membership pays for itself in cost savings on IPC products and services. 1 To make it easy for your entire company to benefit, our full-company membership model (based on revenue) gives employees in every location of your organization access to IPC membership benefits.

Why do people prefer iPic Theaters?

The atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity is also one of the aspects that the moviegoers enjoy. iPic Theaters also have tiered membership options, which gives the customer privileges based on their level. The basic membership can be availed for free, while the succeeding ones have yearly rates.

Where is the IPIC office?

CONTACT US 360 Albert Street, Suite 550 Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7 T 613-234-0516 E [email protected] LAND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The IPIC office is located in Ottawa, on the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin Anishinaabeg people.

How to become an ipic access member?

To become an iPic Access member, visit iPic.com/Access or download the iPic app available in the Apple app store and Android marketplace .

What are the benefits of access gold?

Access Gold member benefits also include the ability to earn and redeem points on qualifying purchases at iPic Theaters and iPic-owned restaurant brands nationwide; invitations to advance screenings of new release films and exclusive iPic events such as special screenings, dining and experiences at no added charge; holiday discounts for restaurant promotions; live shows and an increased bonus card value when purchasing gift cards.

What is the company name of Ipic?

BOCA RATON, Fla , Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — iPic® Entertainment Inc. (“iPic or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: IPIC ), creators of America’s coveted iPic luxury theater-and-restaurant destinations, announces a new Access Membership Rewards? program offering with exciting new benefits.

Does Cinemark have a partnership with Volta?

Cinemark is expanding its relationship with Volta Inc., which provides electric vehicle (EV) charging networks to businesses, it was announced today. “Cinemark is greatly looking forward to continuing to serve our communities through our partnership with Volta,” said Art Justice,…

Who owns Cinema Village?

Nicolas Nicolaou, owner of the independent Manhattan movie theater Cinema Village, has enlisted director Abel Ferrara to help kick-start the reopening of the business with a week-long retrospective and tribute to the moviegoing experience. Running June 30 to July 8,…

What are the benefits of the new tiered system?

The new tiered system offers increased benefits as members transition from one level to another, with enhanced perks such as the ability to earn and redeem points on qualifying purchases, exclusive access to iPic ® member events and the ability to purchase bulk iPic ticket packages.

How many points do you get on a dollar spent at the iPic Theater?

Start earning 1 point on every qualifying dollar spent to redeem at any iPic Theater or Tuck Hospitality Group restaurant

How many points does Access Platinum have?

Access Platinum, the highest level of the new Access iPic Membership Rewards? program, is earned after a current Access Gold member accumulates a minimum of 2,000 points within a single year of membership.

What is ipic entertainment?

iPic Entertainment LLC is a regular presenter in the ICR conference, which is held annually . This event is known as one of the prestigious investment conferences worldwide. Additionally, iPic Entertainment LLC has also recently expanded to the urban area of Kirkland, Washington.

Why do moviegoers prefer iPic?

Moviegoers prefer iPic Theaters despite the expensive ticket price because of the ambiance. The experience is worth it because customers are treated as VIP guests. The atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity is also one of the aspects that the moviegoers enjoy.

What is an ipic theater?

iPic Theaters offer both 2D and 3D movie viewing in their cinemas. They show the standard movies, although offerings may vary in different cinema locations.

What is premium plus seating?

There are premium plus seats, which are isolated custom-designed chairs, that make the viewing experience extra comfortable. Those who avail premium plus seats are also served by the wait staff. This allows the moviegoer to order food and drinks without having to get up and miss scenes from the movie.

Where are Ipic theaters located?

iPic Theaters has branches all over the country, including California, Texas, Florida, and New York. This movie house offers its services in nine states, ranging from East to West Coast.

When did Ipic change its name?

The company changed its name in May of 2006. iPic Theaters were also formerly called Gold Class Cinemas, which was known for its expensive but luxurious experience. iPic Entertainment LLC also operates Pinstrikes, a bowling alley often present in the cinema theaters.

Who owns the Ipic Theaters?

iPic Theaters, along with several other prominent establishments, is owned by iPic Entertainment LLC. It was founded in 2006 by Mr. Hamid Hashemi. Mr. Hashemi also serves as the Chief Executive Office and President of this entertainment company.

Is there a senior discount at iPic?

According to our investigation, it seems that iPic Theaters does not currently provide senior discounts. Additional information regarding iPic Theaters’ senior discount policy may be found on their customer service website or FAQ.

What are iPic’s premium seats?

You must go in and out for meals in the $16 premium seats. The seats are in the front of the theater and do not recline. Food service, big reclining chairs, blankets, cushions, and a better position in the theater are all included in the $28 Premium *Plus* seats.

What makes iPic cinemas unique?

With a choice of Premium or Premium Plus seating with big, soft leather chairs, iPic provides a contemporary and attractive atmosphere. Seats in the Premium Plus category recline and provide blankets and pillows.

What is the iPic VIP fee?

Before entering, you must buy food or drinks at the iPic Express counter. Premium Plus seats, on the other hand, will set you back $17 plus a $12 VIP charge for a total of $29.

Is there a minimum age requirement to enter an iPic theater?

Children’s Note: Our services are designed for a broad audience and are not appropriate for children under the age of 13. Individuals under the age of 13 are not intentionally collected Personal Information by us.

What is the cost of an iPic Gold membership?

Members may join the new Access iPic Membership RewardsTM program in two ways: Access Silver, which is free, and Access Gold, which has a $29* annual charge. The third level, Access Platinum, is a level that must be achieved.

Who is the owner of iPic?

In August, the Boca Raton-based luxury theater business filed for bankruptcy protection, revealing that it owes the Retirement Systems of Alabama $203 million (RSA). According to state documents, that firm is now the owner of iPic.

What is IPC in manufacturing?

As an electronics manufacturing industry innovator for more than 60 years, IPC (through its membership and staff) supports and provides research on, and solutions to, many industry challenges and opportunities. We’ll be the consulting partner you need to stay on top of trends, solve process issues and keep an eye on the future.

Why is IPC important?

IPC has invested heavily in training and education to position the industry for future growth and to address the global electronics manufacturing skills gap. An IPC membership increases your ability to build and support a high-performing workforce.

How to reinstate IPC membership?

To reinstate your membership or to discuss your IPC membership needs and goals, please contact an IPC Membership Team Member at +1 847-615-7100. IPC’s Member Support department is open from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. CST.

What is IPC membership?

An investment in an IPC membership is an investment in providing a strong and unified voice for the global electronics industry.

What is IPC research?

IPC is the industry’s trusted source for industry intelligence and comprehensive market data in areas such as workforce development, environmental concerns, health, safety, technology and innovation, and economics. With unique data sources from around the world, IPC’s research reports, studies and analyses provide insights that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

How much does IPC save?

IPC members save up to 50% on each purchase of physical copies of IPC standards. As a benefit of membership, IPC member companies may download a free single-device IPC document in its original language, within 90 days of the publication. The quantity of free member docs. per company, no longer company site, will follow the New Member Benefit Structure.

How to contact IPC?

First-time IPC member companies receive a gift of one electronic single device license IPC standard of their choice.* Contact Customer Service for details at [email protected] or call at + 1 847-615-7100.