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how old do golden retrievers live


Dec 29, 2021 , ,

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  • What is the lifespan of a golden retriever?

  • Goldens have been known to live as long as 19 years, but it鈥檚 rare. … That鈥檚 a big deal when you only live an average of 10 to 12 years!

  • How can you tell how old a golden retriever is?

  • Whenever you see a gray-faced golden retriever it鈥檚 fun to think about how many smiles they鈥檝e sparked, or how many happy faces they鈥檝e licked. Although a gray face may give one indication of a golden鈥檚 age, their playful demeanor usually says otherwise.

  • Is there a senior Golden Retriever puppy that needs a home?

  • Golden retriever puppies are tough, and there are many sweet senior goldens out there like Augie that need good, loving homes, so consider stepping up to the plate and adopting a golden, fostering goldens, or volunteering or donating to your local golden retriever rescue.

  • Are golden retrievers bred in the 1920s?

  • Golden Retrievers were bred during the 1920s as a 鈥渞etriever鈥?dog when hunting. In the 1920s, this type of dog was adopted very quickly in the United States, and people fell in love. Golden Retrievers are loyal animals that like to be around their owners.