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  • Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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How to apply eyeshadow the correct way?

The Complete Guide to Applying Eye MakeupStart with great makeup brushes. There’s a reason famous artists don’t finger paint: it’s much harder to create a masterpiece without the proper tools.Apply a base eyeshadow to the lid. Using your eyeshadow brush,grab your favorite eyeshadow palette and sweep your favorite base shade on your eyelid.Concentrate darker shadow in the eye crease. …More items…

How to apply your eyeshadow like a pro?

This is how to achieve it:Use eyeshadow primer.Use a super-thin and small,pointed eyeliner brush to apply a super bright eyeshadow on your crease – across the crease and down,following the outer corner of the eye.Blend the neon colorUse black eyeshadow under the neon glow to the crease line. …More items…

How to use up eyeshadow quickly?

Use an eyeshadow brush to sweep a dark shade of eyeshadow onto your lids going from your lashes to the crease. Opt for a dark color that you can pair with a medium and light shade of the same color, such as a charcoal with a medium grey and silver or a dark brown with a medium brown and beige. [11]

How to use green eyeshadow to cover a red pimple?

The Most Important point to remember is to apply this BEFORE the foundation. …Having them mixed together,now dab the corrector the corrector in a small quantity directly on the tip of the acne. …Take good care that you don’t move the color out on skin too far away from acne (as this will make your skin look green). …More items…

How to use the Inspirer shade?

Using a clean finger, press the metallic gold shade ‘Inspirer’ into the eyelid for extra intensity and shine.

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What color is the Voyager eyeshadow?

Softly line the outer corners of the eye by brushing the reddish-brown shade ‘Voyager’ along the outer third of the eyes.

How to make a dept in the corners?

For a dept in your inner and outer corners, use a black eyeshadow. Apply shimmery green eyeshadow in the center of the lid, as Eimear did. She blended the shades and made sure there was no harsh transitioning between the shades.

What eyeshadow does Eimear use?

Blogger Eimear starts her makeup look with priming her eyelids first as well. She applies the peachy eye shadow first since it is a good base for the rest of the green hues she will apply later on.

What eyeshadow shade is best for dark skin?

As a matter of fact, green eyeshadow, especially rich and deep green tones look awesome on dark skin. Any rich eyeshadow shade will make your eyes pop. Deep shadows stand out against your complexion.

What eyeshadow looks good on brown eyes?

Green eyeshadow looks good on a variety of skin tones as well as eye colors. However, it is one of the most flattering choices for brown eyes and olive skin tone.

How to make a waterline look like a black liner?

In the end, you can create a simple black liner line and use a black pencil for the waterline. Apply the same green and orange eyeshadows at the lower lash line. Use some light shade for the inner corner of your eyes. Finish off the look with mascara and/or false lashes.

How to make a halo eyeliner?

You can use gel eyeliner to create a halo look. Put it in the inner and outer corners of your eye and press it gently to create a dark look. An used another green shade to make the transition between shades smoother. When you apply dark shade, always go back to the lighter one to make sure it doesn’t look harsh.

How to make your eyelids look lifted?

White eyeshadow is the first shadow that you put on your lids. Press it and don’t forget to put it below your eyebrows. It will make them look slightly lifted.