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If you want to achieve Hilton Honors Gold status through hotel stays,you ordinarily need to earn any of the following in a calendar year:40 nights20 stays (with each check-in and check-out counting as one stay)75,000 base points (you typically earn 10 base points per dollar at most brands,so that’s like spending $7,500 per year)

Do Hilton Gold members get free breakfast?

While Hilton used to offer Gold and Diamond members free continental breakfast, they have now replaced this perk with a food and beverage credit worth between $10 and $25. With the Marriott Bonvoy program, you’ll get lounge access once you’re a Platinum Elite member or higher.

Do Hilton Honors Gold members get free WiFi?

However, that charge is waived for Gold and Diamond Hhonors members. We are also happy to offer complimentary wifi in our 4th floor lobby area and business center so that all of our valued guests have a complimentary connection option. Please let me know if I can answer any further questions for you. We look forward to your trip!

How many stays to be Hilton gold?

The second tier in the Hilton Honors program is Gold status, typically earned after 20 stays or 40 nights or by earning 75,000 base points in a calendar year (which equates to $7,500 in spending). This has been reduced to 20 nights, 10 stays or 37,500 base points in 2021.

Does it cost to become a Hilton Honor member?

You should sign up for their membership programme since there is no cost in doing so. Hilton Honors is divided into four tiers. Normally to earn this you need to do one of the following:

Guaranteed Hilton Honors Discount rate

Get an exclusive rate as a Hilton Honors Member when you book on Hilton.com or our app.*

Points toward free nights, travel partners and more

Earn Points on every stay. Turn them into free nights, use them with our exclusive travel partners, experiences and more.

No resort fees on reward stays

You’ve earned your reward stay. Enjoy it with no hidden costs when you use 100% Points.

Access to Exclusive Hilton Honors Experiences

Treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Bid on exclusive packages in auctions, or redeem your Points for something unbelievable.

How to earn Hilton Honors Gold status

There are several pathways to earning Hilton Honors Gold status — you can earn it through stays, you can earn it just for having a credit card, and you can earn it by putting spending on a credit card.

Hilton Honors Gold status benefits

With the requirements to earn status out of the way, what are the benefits of Hilton Honors Gold status? Below are the benefits, roughly in the order that I value them.

Differences between Hilton Gold & Diamond status

In helping people decide what status to go for, I think it’s worth just briefly comparing Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond status. Diamond status is Hilton’s top-tier status, and is also offered just for having the Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express.

Bottom line

Hilton Honors Gold status is in my opinion the most useful mid-tier hotel status, given that it consistently offers complimentary continental breakfast (or a hotel credit in the United States). Other perks include things like room upgrades, executive lounge access (sometimes), and bonus points.

What are the benefits of Hilton Honors?

Two valuable Hilton Honors benefits are the fifth night free and complimentary internet. These benefits are also offered to Hilton Honors Silver Members, but I wanted to cover these two since they can be pretty valuable.

How many Hilton Honors points per stay?

750 Hilton Honors Bonus Points per stay or a complimentary Hot Cooked-to-Order Breakfast for you and up to one additional guest registered to the same room each day of your stay

How does the 5th night free work?

The way that the fifth night free works is that Hilton takes an average of each night based on the total number of points required for the stay.

How much bonus do you get with Gold Elite?

With Gold elite status, you automatically receive a 80% bonus on all the Honors Base Points you earn. This is a decent benefit but given the weak value of Honors points, it’s not exactly as strong as you might have first imagined. All Hilton Honors members will earn 10 points per dollar spent at Hilton properties.

How many stays in a year do you need to stay at Hilton?

Frequent business travelers aside, it may be difficult for the average traveler to achieve status with stays. You’d have to meet the following criteria: 20 stays in a calendar year, or. 40 nights in a calendar year, or.

Is breakfast included in Hilton Gold?

Breakfast is probably one of the best Hilton Gold benefits. Complimentary breakfasts for Gold Members are offered at the following Hilton brands:

Can you get complimentary breakfast at a hotel?

However, you’ll still be able to get your complimentary breakfast in many of the hotels, so I wouldn’t stress too much over the lack of lounge access.

How do I earn Hilton Honors Points?

After you complete an eligible stay at a hotel or resort within the Hilton Portfolio, you earn 10 Hilton Honors Base Points for every US dollar spent on your room rate and other eligible room charges, including telephone calls and room service.

What qualifies as an eligible hotel stay?

Specifically excluded from the definition of "stay" are the following types of ineligible stays: wholesale/tour operator packages; contracted crew rates; travel agency discount rates; packages exclusively for casino player card holders; Team Member Travel rates; Hilton Family Travel Rates; stays secured utilizing Hilton Grand Vacations? Club and Hilton Club timeshare programs; Hilton Grand Vacations? marketing packages with a sales presentation requirement; complimentary or barter rooms; Reward Stays (as defined herein); NET Group rates; Series Group or IT Group rates; contracted Entertainment or Encore rates; third party website bookings (irrespective of rate paid); and "opaque" channel bookings where the brand may or may not be known at the time of purchase. Hilton Honors Points may not be earned for any reason (including as a My Way benefit) for or during ineligible stays, including, without limitation, folio charges, (i.e., the charges on your hotel bill) incurred during ineligible stays. If at least one night of the Member’s stay is a reward stay booked with Hilton Honors Points, the entire stay is considered a "reward stay". The Participating hotel will determine whether incidental charges incurred during those stays are eligible for Points, except that Hilton Honors Points will not be earned for incidental charges at Hampton Inn?, Homewood Suites by Hilton?, and Home2 Suites by Hilton?.

Will I earn Hilton Honors Points for standard room rewards, premium room rewards, or Points & Money reward stays?

The money spent on the room rate portion of Points & Money Rewards will be considered an eligible folio charge for which Points will be issued. Determining all other incidental charges that count towards earning Hilton Honors Points varies by brand and type of charge. Please see the Hilton Honors Terms and Conditions for details.

What are the differences between base Points and bonus Points?

There are two kinds of Hilton Honors Points: Hilton Honors Base Points and Hilton Honors Bonus Points. You can use any combination of Base Points and Bonus Points to get free hotel stays and other rewards.

How do I reach Hilton Honors elite status?

When you reach Silver, Gold or Diamond status, you receive the added recognition and rewards of elite status — including extra Hilton Honors Bonus Points for every qualifying stay, special on-property benefits and recognition, and exclusive reward opportunities.

How do I maintain elite status?

To make it easier to keep your elite tier status, reward stays count toward elite tier qualification.

How many gifts of Gold or Diamond status can I earn and provide within one calendar year?

A member can only earn one gift of Gold and one gift of Diamond within one calendar year. A member can gift Gold status to one member, and gift Diamond status to another member.

What is a go Hilton?

Go Hilton is a leisure travel discount program for eligible Hilton Team Members and their authorized family and friends. Eligible participants can take advantage of special room rates and other perks.

How many room nights can you use in a team?

– Each eligible Team Member can book and / or use up to 30 room nights per calendar year under Team Member rates and up to 70 room nights per calendar year under Family & Friends rates, for a total of 100 room nights per calendar year.

How many rooms can you reserve at Hilton?

– For each hotel stay, eligible Team Members may reserve up to 2 Team Member rate rooms and 2 Family & Friends rate rooms, for a total of up to 4 rooms in their own name and Hilton Honors number.

Is a Hilton Honors overbooked?

Occasionally, a hotel may find itself in an overbooked situation. All Go Hilton Team Member and Family & Friends rate reservations in such situations are to be honored as any other reservation for a Hilton Honors member; Hilton Honors Relocation & Recovery policies apply the same to Team Member and Family & Friends reservations as to any other reservation type for overbooked situations. The guest should be relocated to another local hotel within a reasonable distance with all the usual Hilton Honors walk benefits based on the guest’s tier status.

Do Hilton Honors members get room upgrades?

Hilton Honors members are eligible for all standard Hilton Honors hotel benefits when staying under Go Hilton rates, including room upgrades at check-in based on tier status and hotel availability.

Who must log in to Hilton Honors?

Eligible Team Members and their authorized family / friends must each log in at the Go Hilton booking site with their own Hilton Honors sign-in and password to manage their own reservations.