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how to get golden hearts in terraria


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  • How do you get a gold heart in terraria?

  • Answer from: Kingkillerjoe. Go to the jungle swing your sword at weird looking plants some plants will drop life fruit use the life fruit to make one of you’re hearts to gold hearts it is pretty much like a life crystal but you don’t need to mine it though. Posted on: Feb 19, 2016. Answer from: Terraria expert.

  • How do you get more than 400 health in terraria?

  • After a world converts to Hardmode, and after the 400 health maximum is reached from consuming Life Crystals, Life Fruits can then be used to increase health capacity further, to a maximum of 500 (20 Life Fruits). Two Life Crystals found in close proximity in a Glowing Mushroom biome.

  • How do I get Golden Hearts l’ve already got 20 health?

  • How do I get golden hearts l’ve already got 20 health? Answer from: I’m gonna help! After defeating the mechanical bosses go into the jungle and look for life fruit. Life fruit can be broken with any weapon You go to the jungle and look around in hard mode.

  • What does the life crystal do in HeartGold?

  • The Life Crystal is an item dropped after breaking a Heart Crystal. It is used to increase the amount of maximum Life the player has. When this item is consumed, it increases the player’s maximum HP by 20 (one heart) up to a maximum of 400 (which requires 15 hearts). Additional Life Crystals collected can be used to make Heart Lanterns.