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How To Get The Golden Apple On Poptropica? Youtalkt to the goat light well appear then go follow it jump and catch the apple. thanked the writer. blurted this.

How do you get the Golden Apple in the tree of immortality?

How to get the Golden Apple. Go left to the Tree of Immortality. Talk to the old lady, and she will tell you about the tree of immortality. Jump all the way to the top of the tree you can use mushrooms to make to jump higher and the snakes as your ladder.

What happens if you get the Golden Apple on mythology Island?

The Golden Apple is said to be a fruit of immortality, but in Mythology Island, if you get the golden apple, it will summon Zeus and he will give you an epic quest to recover five sacred items. Go left to the Tree of Immortality.

How do you get immortality in Poptropica?

Once you pick up the fruit, a furious Zeus will appear. He’ll leave you with a scroll listing five sacred items you’ll need to gather in exchange for immortality – or else “…all of Poptropica will feel my wrath!” The items are as follows: Return to the base of the tree and speak to Athena.

What is mythology Island on Poptropica?

Welcome to Mythology Island, which debuted on Poptropica in 2010! Take a step back in time to ancient Greece and experience the fury of the Greek gods and goddesses! Your adventure begins at the Museum of Olympus where a feud has erupted between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.

What happens when you pick up the fruit?

Once you pick up the fruit, a furious Zeus will appear. He’ll leave you with a scroll listing five sacred items you’ll need to gather in exchange for immortality – or else “…all of Poptropica will feel my wrath!” The items are as follows:

How to give pomegranates in the Underworld?

Remember those pomegranates from the tree earlier? Go to your items and click “Use” on them while in front of Hades’ temple to give them as an offering. That’ll unlock the door, and you can enter — dropping down to the depths of the underworld!

How to defeat the Hydra in Sump Cave?

Upon setting foot in the sump cave, you’ll come face to… faces… with the monstrosity that is the Hydra! You need to have good timing and coordination when jumping to defeat the Hydra. When you see one of the heads begin to tremble, jump into the air and land on the head as it charges toward you. Repeat this for each of the five heads, and the Hydra will be knocked out cold. Walk over and garner the third sacred item for Zeus, the Hydra Scale.

What are the parts of the sphinx?

Looking for something specific? Jump to different parts of the guide: 1 Tree of Immortality 2 Grove of Temples 3 The Underworld (Whisker from Cerberus) 4 Poseidon’s Temple (Giant Pearl and Hydra Scale) 5 Aqueduct of the Sphinx (Rare Flower) 6 The Minotaur’s Labyrinth (Ring from the Minotaur) 7 The Five Sacred Items 8 Mount Olympus

How to clean graffiti off a temple?

To do so, click on the littered areas, then hold and drag simultaneously with your finger or mouse. There are three spots of graffiti to clean. Once you’ve got them all, the peasant will gift you with a surprise Starfish!

Where is Hercules back from his lunch break?

You’ll find Hercules finally back from his lunch break outside of Herc’s Hero Hut just right of the area where Zeus showed up. Ask for his help, and he’ll hesitate, but you insist it won’t be long thanks to your touchscreen mirror.

What are the five sacred items in the Underworld?

The Underworld (Whisker from Cerberus) Poseidon’s Temple (Giant Pearl and Hydra Scale) Aqueduct of the Sphinx (Rare Flower) The Minotaur’s Labyrinth (Ring from the Minotaur) The Five Sacred Items. Mount Olympus.

What happens if you beat Athena on Mythology Island?

Once you beat him, Athena will reward you with the island medallion. Congrats! You’ve completed Mythology Island! And it’s for real this time.

How to fly to the top of Mount Olympus?

Using your Drachma, buy a bag of wind, which will help you fly to the top of Mount Olympus. If you fall, don’t worry. Free refills! Anyway, time to face the mighty Zeus… *gulp* Walk past each Zeus statue and the lights will come on. Zeus will come out and you will put on Hades’ crown and wield Poseidon’s trident. Fly around and click to shoot lightning bolts at Zeus. Dodge his attacks and collect clouds to stay floating.

What reward do you get in the Minotaur maze?

Exit the maze and claim your reward: the Minotaur’s nose ring.

How to get Athena in the Temple of Apollo?

All you have to do is look for the olive trees. Go back, past Main Street, to the Grove of Temples. Enter the Temple of Apollo and pick up a free reed pipe. Find the goddess with a flute/reed pipe and she will teach you how to play (just click the same notes that she plays). You will receive sheet music, which will help you later on.

How to get the flower in the Garden of the Sphinx?

Everything is dried up! To gain the flower, you must pull the levers and lower the bridges for the aqueducts until water flows throughout the garden. After you get the flower, above the Sphinx is a tree of free pomegranates.

What does the mirror do in Aphrodite?

The mirror will take you to the realms of the major gods… and Aphrodite, but only if you have already been there.

What do you need to satisfy Mighty Zeus?

Mighty Zeus, king of the gods, needs a hero – and he wants you! To satisfy Zeus, you’ll need to battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the mysterious underworld.

How to turn into a god in the battle of the gods?

Put on Hades’ crown and Poseidon’s trident and you’ll transform into a god. In the battle, you have two priorities: collecting pink clouds (which act as your health bar), and shooting lightning bolts at Zeus. When Zeus lights up, he is invincible and your shots will be deflected, so don’t shoot. It takes a few minutes.

How to get over the skull and alligator?

A good way to do this is stand right on Charon. Don’t do anything when the rock falls, it won’t hit you, then jump over the skull and alligator. If you somehow stray from your original position, stand behind Charon before the next rock comes.

How to put Cerberus to sleep?

Talk to the statue and ask her to teach you how to play your pipe. Watch what she plays carefully, then follow. When you have passed her test, she will give you a tune that can be used to put Cerberus to sleep.

Where to see the Titans vs Olympians battle?

Enter the Museum of Olympus. Watch the Titans vs. Olympians battle between Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon on the mural. Find the statue of Poseidon, and get the starfish on his face. Leave the museum and go to the far right.

Who are the gods in the island of the mirror?

They are: Ares, Hermes , Aphrodite, Artemis , Hestia , and Apollo. (Apollo was added in once the island updated.) Once you name them, she will give you a mirror that can transport you to the realms of the major gods (Lightning-Zeus, trident-Poseidon, heart-Aphrodite, skull- Hades ). It is quite helpful.

Is there a walkthrough for Mythology Island?

This is a community-written walkthrough for Mythology Island. Feel free to revise and add helpful information!