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  • Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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how to make gold background in photoshop插图

How do I Make my text look like gold in Photoshop?

Make Text Look Gold Step 1: Create a new document and set the background color to Black . Step 2: Select the Type Tool from the toolbar, and add text to your canvas. For better results, set your text color to white. Step 3: Go to the Layers panel and add a layer style: Bevel Emboss . A Layer Style window will show.

How to make a gold shadow in Photoshop?

Change the Blend Mode of “Left shadow” layer to Multiply and Opacity 40%. Create a new layer on top of “Right light” and below “Gold” layer. Name it “Gold shadow”. Then Ctrl-click on “Gold” text layer to load the text as a selection. Fill the selection with black and move the layer to the left by using the left arrow key from the keyboard.

How to apply gold foil effect in Photoshop?

As we are looking to apply the gold foil effect Photoshop on that shoe, so we have set the Color Balance. Click on the Adjustment Layer icon form below and choose the Color Balance option. After picking the option, you will get a new Color Balance layer.

How to create a new document in Photoshop gold gradient?

Photoshop Gold Gradient Step 1: At the top of the Photoshop software screen, we have a Menu bar which has a different type of menus; below this… Step 2: Now, let us take a new document for our learning. For ‘new document’, click on the menu bar’s File menu and… Step 3: A New Document dialog box …

How to Create Gold Gradient in Photoshop?

We can create a gold gradient in this software by setting some color parameters and using the tools panel tools. So before starting our learning, we should have a look at the working screen of Photoshop software to understand the different terms that we use throughout this article.


After this article, you can easily understand this effect and create it by managing different parameters of the gradient scale of this software. You can try another type of gold color combination by getting ideas from this article.

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How to get gold color in Photoshop?

To do that, go to the “ Adjustment” from the “ Image” option and click on the Black & White. After getting the Black and white effect, press Enter. Then again press CTRL + J to copy that layer. Go to the Adjustment options and select Invert .

How to get metallic gold in Photoshop?

At this stage, go to the layer mode option from the top of the layer panel and set it to difference. Make sure that you have selected the latest copied layer.

How to make a shoe look like gold?

Step 01: Open the object in Photoshop. First of All, you have to open the object in Photoshop that you want to look like Gold. To get a better result you have to place your object on a transparent background . Permit me to show you my object. In a while, I am going to apply the gold effect Photoshop on that shoe.

What is a dripping gold background?

This dripping gold background design works with so many different styles. Dripping gold is a classic style for phone wallpapers, screen savers and lock screens. You can also use this style for web design, social media graphics and print graphics.

How much saturation is needed for yellow gold?

I think I’ll bring up my saturation just a touch. We’ll bring our saturation up to 58 and we’ll bring our lightness up just a touch as well. Just to about nine or ten, this is for the lighter yellow gold.

Do you need Photoshop to make a gold background?

You don’t need any outside resources to make this dripping gold background, it’s all Photoshop!

Can you make a gold background darker?

Of course, if you want a darker gold background, you can make adjustments here to your saturation and lightness.


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Gold Texture Photoshop Tutorial Video Transcript

Hey there Mercedes here from Prettywebz.com and today I’m working on a gold texture Photoshop tutorial.

How to remove color cast from lens flare filter?

Follow the same technique to create a few more flares. Then go to Image > Adjustment > Desaturate. This will remove the color cast which comes with the Lens Flare filter. Check the screenshot below for the position of the flares.

What is the problem with lens flare filter?

The problem with the Lens Flare filter is it creates some extra light artifacts (i.e rings, spots etc.) with the main flare. Take a soft Brush with black color and paint over these areas to hide them.

What are layer styles in Photoshop?

They are also a great time saver and offer a lot of flexibility during editing and reuse. Popular layer styles like glass, chrome and gold are very much in demand in every day Photoshop work. In this tutorial we will explore an easy, but realistic Gold Text Effect in Photoshop.

How to add a paper texture to a brown BG?

Create a new layer on top of “Brown bg” with the name “Notepaper”. Then fill it with white color. Apply Filter > Sketch > Note Paper. This will add a paper texture to the white color of the layer.

How to make gold text effect in Photoshop?

Step 1. Open a new file (File > New) in Adobe Photoshop with the following settings. Save the file as “Gold Text Effect.psd”. During work remember to frequently use File > Save (Ctrl + S) to save and update the file.

What font is used for gold?

Type the text “Gold” or anything you like with a large bold serif font. Here Adobe Caslon 205 pt bold font has been used.

How to change the color of the background to dark brown?

Create a Color Balance adjustment layer and alter the Midtones values to change the color of background into the dark brown color.

What color background does gold look best on?

And the reason that gold effect looks best either at the black background or into dark brown color like you see in the below image. Also, at the end, you’ll have lot option to add more shiny to text like you can add the sparkles, light and much more.

How to make a new document in Photoshop?

Create a new document in Photoshop by File > New and enter the following the settings. I’m working on bigger document but you can reduce the size of the document if you wish. Just enter the value according your way and hit ok.