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  • Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

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how to make gold bangles插图

Rubber molds are available at art supply stores.Attach a sprue, which is a solid piece of wax that you make in the form for a funnel and attach to the mold. When the wax is melted, it will leave a hole for you to pour the liquid gold into the mold.

How do you make your own bangles?

Nail polish the color of your wire. A hot glue gun. This is very important. Music to make bangles to. Zombie Nations happens to be very good bangle-making music. Music is optional, but recommended. Cutting and gluing wires gets tedious. Step 2: Step 2: Stop Pretending the Wire Is a Slinky. Yes, it’s fun.

What is the weight of a bangle?

Some people like their design to be heavy and. For example, there is a gold bangle in 20 grams. Whichever design you select can be designed in a 20-gram gold bangle.

How to wear 20 grams gold bangles?

This is really fabulous design in 20 grams gold bangles. The zigzag lines have been done on bangles. You can wear one on each hand to give a dashing look. Your wrist will shine out in these 20 gram gold bangles.

What to look for in a gold bangle set?

Ethnic Style Gold Bangle Set: A pair of traditional wear bangles is a must-have in every woman’s jewellery box. Here is one such design which lends ethnic vibes is all its detailing. The boxy gold beaded finish on the surface is accentuated with pearl and ruby stones.

Step 1

Gather your supplies and safety equipment. Tie back your hair and remove any dangling jewelry to avoid accidents while you are working.

Step 3

Use a wax file to create an even surface on your wax halves. Set one of the halves aside.

Step 4

Carve out a pattern in your wax with a razor or utility knife to form a mold for the piece of jewelry you want to create. The pattern should be equal to the length, width and depth you want for your finished jewelry.

Step 5

Melt the gold with your hand torch or heated press. When using a hand torch, be sure to place the gold into a container that can withstand high heat.

Step 6

Pour the molten gold into your wax mold, being certain to fill it in fully. Pour slowly enough to avoid being burned, but quickly enough to ensure that the gold remains molten.

Step 7

Let the wax mold sit until the gold hardens, usually between 45 minutes to an hour. Place the mold in a press or clamp or under a heavy object to keep both halves tightly pressed together.

Step 11

Attach a clasp to the ends of a necklace, bracelet or anklet to complete it.

Step 1: Measuring Your Bangle Size

Form your hand like you are about to slide a bangle over it. Using a measuring tape, wrap the tape around the widest part of your hand (around your knuckles). However many inches that is will be your bangle size (you can see in the picture that I am a size 8, or 8").

Step 2: Cutting Your Wire

Now that you know how many inches of wire you’ll need to make your bangle, measure and cut your 12 gauge wire. When cutting the ends of your wire, remember to use the flush side of the cutters so you have a nice straight edge.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Solder Joint

Using my bracelet mandrel and my rawhide hammer (rawhide or rubber hammers are great because they do not leave any marks in your metal) I will form the basic shape of my bangle. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be perfectly round. We’re just setting up the wire to create a good solder joint.

Step 4: Prepping Your Bangle for Soldering

I realize not many people do the two steps I will mention next, but I want to make sure that my metal is protected from fire scale and that my pearl is protected from the heat of the torch.

Step 5: Time to Solder!

Use a paint brush to apply some flux to your joint. Flux is used to clean your joint so you can easily get the solder to flow.

Step 6: Cleaning Your Bangle

Now that your bangle is soldered, it’s time to remove all that yucky residue that is left behind from the flux. This is where pickle comes in.

Step 7: Shaping and Texturing Your Bangle

You’re almost finished! Now it’s time to make your bangle nice and round, then give it some texture.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Supplies

You need:
A mold, something the right circumference. A soda can could work, or any bottle. I used a bank-thing I had lying around.
Wire, obviously. It should be something you can tell is sturdy enough not to bend when you’ve actually made the bangle, but flexible enough to shape. You could use any color.
Pliers and a wire cutter.

Step 2: Step 2: Stop Pretending the Wire Is a Slinky

Yes, it’s fun. But it really isn’t a slinky, and you got it to make bangles, so do so.

Step 3: Step 3: Shape and Cut Wires

Wrap it around whatever you’re using it as a mold, and cut it so the ends are overlapping a bit.
Also, observe my pretty blue nails.

Step 5: Step 5: Add Beads

String beads on your wire. I usually do 5 or 6.
Then, add a dot of glue and slide a bead onto the glue. It’ll make it stay in place. Do this the entire way around the bangle, spacing them evenly.

Step 6: Step 5: Glue Ends Together

Probably the most important step, next to step 2.
You want to make the wires overlap a bit, and cover it in glue. Sure, the ball of glue is a bit ugly, but I still have yet to find a way that doesn’t involve twisting the wires.

Step 7: Step 6: Paint Ugly Glue

With nail-polish.
This is awfully self-explanatory, do you really need me to go into detail how to paint glue.

Step 8: Step 8: Yay. You’re Finished

Well, look at that! You have bangles.
I like to make half of them with beads, and half without, and wear them alternating.

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How Are Bangles Different Than Other Bracelets?

The age-old question; bangles are obviously a type of bracelet, but not all bracelets are bangles! In order to be considered a bangle, the item must be solid in construction. That can mean either one whole piece, like a carved jade bangle, or an assembled piece, like a hinged bangle.

How To Measure Your Bangle Size

Because of the way bangles are designed, getting them onto your wrist can be quite a challenge. Here’s a quick guide on how to get the best fit.

How Do I Size An Existing Bangle?

If you have a bangle that is currently too small or too large, it may be possible to adjust the size of the bangle. This is dependent on several factors, however:

The Classics

It’s impossible to talk about gold bangles without paying respects to Cartier’s iconic Love bracelet. Introduced in 1970 and inspired by medieval chastity belts, the bracelet’s design upended the idea that jewelry should be slipped on and off to match an outfit, and required a special screwdriver to put on and remove.

Boucheron Gold Quatre Clou de Paris 18-karat gold bracelet

Of course, if you’re looking for a classic style that’s not quite so instantly-recognizable, there are plenty of other options to choose from:

The Modern Ones

While these sculptural pieces combine architectural elements and geometric patterns to make more than enough impact on their own, don’t hesitate to stack them for an even bolder look:

The Antique-inspired

Archeologists have uncovered gold bracelets dating back to 450-445 BC, meaning there’s absolutely no shortage of stunning vintage and antique-inspired pieces to choose from. With intricate details, like those on this 19th century Japanese aesthetic cuff from Gray & Davis, each of these timeless pieces has its own story to tell.

The Multiples

These sets of stacked and interlocking bangles are designed to be piled high. Consider the upper body workout an added bonus.