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  • Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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What is the WotLK classic pre patch gold farm guide?

This is the WOTLK Classic pre patch gold farm guide to give you an idea of what will be possible on the upcoming first servers for those of you who actually managed to reach level 70.

Is making gold in Burning Crusade classic worth it?

This classic gold making method has always been profitable in every WoW pre patch event. Burning Crusade Classic is no exception. This is an unusually short pre patch event that only lasts two weeks, meaning there are more than enough people rushing to get to level 60 before the big launch.

Where can I farm rock gold in Wow?

In Shadowmoon Valley, that’s yet another decent rock gold farming location. What I usually do is to mount up and pull between five to 10 at a time, you can do this as any tank but most likely also as a mage, and even a druid. Just remember that the duties on a first gear character.

Why is the TBC classic pre patch event so important?

Every WoW pre patch event is a pretty big deal but the one for TBC Classic is particularly important. A lot of veteran World of Warcraft players first stepped foot into Azeroth (and Outland) during the lifecycle of the original Burning Crusade expansion.

What is illusion dust?

Illusion Dust is another good investment opportunity in the Classic TBC pre patch. Similar to how Thorium Bars can be used to level up Blacksmithing past 300, Illusion Dust can be used to level up Enchanting past 300 thanks to the recipe Enchant Bracer – Superior Stamina. This means that Illusion Dust will continue to be used quite heavily by Enchanters even after the release of TBC. The prices of Illusion Dust are currently quite low so this would be a great time to stock up on it while there’s still plenty of supply. The supply will probably start going down a couple of weeks into TBC Classic when most people are focusing on the new content. Meaning you’ll need some patience if you’re looking to flip your stock and make a profit.

What is Primal Might?

The recipe for Transmute Primal Might is arguably the most important one. Primal Might is required to craft a wide variety of pieces of Epic gear in TBC and can only be obtained by combining five other types of Primal elements via Transmutation. The recipe itself can only be bought from one of three merchants in the entire game, two of which have been added with the pre patch. Namely, Altaa in The Exodar and Melaris in Silvermoon City. The third one is in Shattrath.

What is pre patch event?

Generally speaking, World of Warcraft pre patch events are a time for having fun with other players while you’re all enjoying a sneak peek at a new expansion for the first time. In this case, however, a large portion of players are already familiar with the content and will be looking to get down to business asap. And by that, I mean trying to find good opportunities to make as much gold as possible in preparation for the proper Burning Crusade Classic launch. With that in mind, we decided to put together a little WoW Classic TBC pre patch gold making guide that should help you amass plenty of the shiny in-game currency.

How long is the Burning Crusade Classic pre patch event?

Burning Crusade Classic is no exception. This is an unusually short pre patch event that only lasts two weeks, meaning there are more than enough people rushing to get to level 60 before the big launch. Many of whom are playing Blood Elf and Draenei characters and, as mentioned earlier, these races cannot benefit from the level boost service. Bad news for them but good news for you because you can provide boosting services yourself.

What level do you need to kill the mobs in Karazhan?

The only problem is that the mobs around Karazhan are level 68-70, so you’ll need gear with extremely good hit rating in order to take them down. Going through the hassle of killing these mobs is possibly not worth it for the cloth alone, however, the mobs also have a small chance of dropping TBC Rare and Epic BoE items. If you’re lucky enough to land one of these items you’ll be swimming in gold in no time, especially if it’s an Epic one. Well, provided you decide to sell it on the auction house instead of using it yourself.

Why do you need elemental water?

Elemental Water was needed for a lot of crafting professions even before the Classic TBC pre patch but now it’s even more valuable since it is also required to make Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing to level up Jewelcrafting. The reagent is fairly expensive so it’s probably a good idea to invest in it only if you already have a good chunk of gold laying around. If you do decide to buy some, it would be best to do it on US servers since it seems to be cheaper than usual there at the moment.

Is Mithril Bar cheaper than Thorium?

Mithril Bar. Though slightly cheaper than Thorium Bars, Mithril Bars have been going up in price since the release of the latest WoW pre patch and it’s easy to see why. This material is very useful for leveling up not just Blacksmithing and Engineering but also the new Jewelcrafting profession.