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  • Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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how to make golden snitch cake pops插图


How do you make a pop with gold flakes?

Add your details to the basic pop, then paint or daub on some vanilla extract to 1/4 of the pop. Then add some disco dust to the wet area and keep brushing the gold on. The flakes will brush off leaving the gold coloring behind.

How do you keep cake pops from sticking to the stick?

Third – Always dip the cake pops in a deep mug that you can go straight down covering the entire dough ball. Do not twist the cake pop in the candy melts! Twisting in the candy melts is the best way to loosen the pop from the stick and you’ll end up with a broken pop.

What kind of candy melts do you use to make popsicles?

I used a combo of 12 oz of yellow candy melts and 3 oz of bright white candy melts for my pops and uses a bit of melted candy to attach toothpicks to the wings. Be sure to make a left and right wing.

What do you need to make Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Cake: After layering a cake and shaping it, I usually use the cut offs for the cake balls. If you don’t have a cake handy, any store-bought muffin (without the icing) or cake will also work. Just make sure it’s fresh and tasty as these Golden Snitches should be pretty to look at -but also tasty when eaten at the party.

My top tips for making Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Temper your chocolate by heating it in the microwave on defrost mode for a few minutes -it’s okay if there are still lumps. The colder lumps will mix with the warmer melted chocolate and while you stir the lumps out, you will temper your chocolate perfectly and you won’t need to set the chocolate in the fridge.

Can kids make these alone?

As you know, I always encourage the kids to help out in the kitchen, but in my experience it’s not so easy for them to make these cake pops -maybe because the white chocolate is a little harder to work with than dark chocolate.

What you need

Vanilla cake pop balls. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to whip up my own recipe so I used the vanilla cake pops recipe from Molly Bakes: Crazy For Cake Pops book.


Make your cake pops according to the directions – whether you use the book, or a recipe on-line and refrigerate. You can even make these the day before the party.


Try to avoid putting your cake pops in a warm environment or the candy coating will melt a little and the cake pops will drop down the sticks.