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  • Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

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Protecting your gold from covetous eyes and ears boils down to two simple rules:1) Put it in a safe place;2) Keep your mouth shut about where it is.

What is protected gold and how does it work?

Protected gold is ideal for use in the IR wavelength range. A protective dielectric overcoat is layered over the gold to help protect it from damage and make cleaning easier. These optics provide 96% average reflectance from 800 nm to 20 μm.

How to keep gold coins safe at home?

Unfortunately, most people don’t think too much about how to keep gold coins safe and so just stick them in a sock drawer or cookie jar. It may be out of sight, but this is obviously not an ideal way to store your wealth. There are 3 basic options for home storage: hide it, bury it or use a safe. Let’s look at each one below: 4.

Is your gold safe in your home storage plan?

You instinctively know that gold is valuable and understand it must be stored safely. You probably also realize that gold coins and bars come with no replacement policy: if you lose them, they’re gone for good. There’s no claim check to redeem. This makes your home storage plan critical.

Where to store gold when buying?

When it comes to buying gold, there are two options for storing it. The first option is that you have someone else, like a bank, store it for you, or you can choose to store it yourself. If you choose to store it yourself, then you are left with the question of where to stash your gold without other people being able to find it.

How to stop burglars from disarming my home alarm?

Post the sign provided by the alarm company in a prominent, highly-visible place. Secure and lock your outside breaker box or electrical panel to reduce the ease of thieves disarming your burglar alarm system and cordless phone.

How to keep the bad guys away from a dog?

Get a mean dog. A dog with a deep voice that sounds ferocious, even if he isn’t really , helps keep the bad guys at bay. Even the toughest criminals generally fear dog bites.

How to stay away from home for extended period?

Never let it appear that you are away from home for an extended period. If you’re taking a long trip, cut off your mail and newspaper delivery temporarily. Hire someone or enlist the aid of a willing neighbor to clear snow from your sidewalks, mow your lawn, move your parked vehicles periodically, and remove advertising fliers hung on your front doorknob or gate.

What are protective layers?

Protective layers, cases, tubes, linings, etc., may help prevent structural damage or oxidation and are always practical for keeping your metals in good condition for if and when you choose to sell them.

Is there a legal structure to protect gold coins?

Ironically, no sort of legal ‘structure’ is going to help you protect your Gold and Silver Bullion Coins or Bullion Bars. It all comes down to secrecy and storage techniques. Please allow me to make some suggestions on Dos and Don’ts.

Should you leave valuables in your home during a hurricane?

For those who live in hurricane-prone areas should not leave valuables in the home where looters can get at them in the chaotic aftermath of a storm.

How Will Confiscation Be Instituted?

Expect no warnings at all. Don’t be surprised if such an event were preceded by denials. Most likely it would happen over a weekend or public holiday so as to catch all off-guard. This would maximise the gold caught in the authorities net.

Why does SMA give a private codename?

2) For security and anonymity, SMA gives each client a private codename through which they can check their holdings within the structure on a daily basis.

Why is gold held outside the banking system?

4) The gold must be held outside the banking system because the banks will fall over themselves to obey government, even if it is against their client’s interests to do so. SMA hold’s client’s gold in VIA MAT, a private Swiss Vault in Zurich.

Why do we not want a gold standard?

We do not envisage a “Gold Standard” system because this implies a fixed price of gold. Instead, we see a gold price that must ‘float’ in a stable manner; to achieve this, however, central banks would need to be able to control the gold price to ensure that stability. The price would have to rise dramatically to achieve this, but under central bank control this could be done. Without such measures, confidence in the global monetary system may well move to collapse on a broad, domino-like front, the likes of which we have never seen.

Why use Swiss guardian company?

Use of a Swiss-based, guardian company, dedicated entirely to this objective, is required to stave off any attempts by governments to attack the structures holding client’s gold.

What would happen to gold held outside of the nation’s borders?

They would simply impose the law on the owner of the gold, not the gold itself. It’s easier to force an institution or individual to transfer ownership of the title to that gold to the government, with a gold market, price-related payment being made to close the deal (in 2% Treasuries?) than to venture into a foreign court on spurious ownership claims.

What would be the first target for gold?

The first targets would be gold held—on behalf of clients or the banks themselves —by banks

Why Should You Invest in Gold Ahead of Other Commodities or Shares?

It’s easy to forget that the authorities pegged the dollar to gold as recently as 1970. On August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon announced that the United States government would no longer exchange dollars for gold at a fixed value, abandoning the gold standard and decoupling the US dollar from the timeless commodity.

Top Reasons to Store Your Gold Overseas

Under the abovementioned circumstances, investing in gold is prudent. It also comes with several benefits that fiat currencies cannot match, including:

Best Countries for Offshore Gold Storage

Securing offshore storage for bullion is essential if you are one of the savvy investors in precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, copper, or platinum. Below, we discuss a few favorable storage locations across the world as you seek to protect your gold investment.

How to Create a Solid Offshore Strategy to Protect Your Gold

If you have gold, a private vault company is the best way to store it. Look for a vault company with the following features as a benchmark:

Schedule a Consultation and Learn About Gold Today

Are you starting to invest in gold? Think carefully about the best storage options in terms of security, costs, location, and access. The best places to purchase gold and gold investments won’t matter without a good handle on where you would like to store your newfound wealth.

What does it mean to insure your metals?

Think about it: insuring your metals means you will be required to reveal the details of your bullion holdings to strangers — the forms of gold you own, how many ounces and where they’re stored. This ranges from insurance agents, office staff and corporate offices to appraisers and their staff.

Why do you need to share your storage details with someone?

Why do you need to share your storage details with someone? Because telling no one about the location of your gold and how to access it poses an obvious risk. If you become ill, incapacitated, have a major accident or even die, then no one else is able to get to the gold. The reason you bought and stored bullion to begin with — to preserve and protect your family’s wealth — is thus defeated. Your wealth strategy must include one confidant knowing your secret.

Why is gold important?

One of the advantages of physical gold is that it serves as a financial backstop. You want some bullion readily accessible in an emergency, whether that emergency is a personal one or something on a national scale.

What does it mean to buy gold?

Just the act of buying gold means that some or all of these people could know: bullion shop staff, credit card company or bank staff depending on how you paid, security company staff where you bought your safe or hired hands if you had your safe transported or installed.

What happened to gold in Japan in 2011?

Remember the 2011 Tsunami in Japan? Investors that had gold stored at home saw it washed away, lost to the sea, no matter how strong the safe or clever the hiding spot. Remember, once you lose your gold, you have no recourse should you become a victim. And consider how badly you’d need your gold at a time like that.

How to store gold coins?

Unfortunately, most people don’t think too much about how to keep gold coins safe and so just stick them in a sock drawer or cookie jar . It may be out of sight, but this is obviously not an ideal way to store your wealth. There are 3 basic options for home storage: hide it, bury it or use a safe.

Who should have a secret about where your bullion is stored?

Everyone should have one confidant that A) knows where your bullion is stored and B) has the ability to access it. It should be someone you trust implicitly and who knows how to keep a secret. They should have a good idea of how much you have, where it is stored and the key, passcode or instructions to access it if your chute doesn’t open from that weekend dare.

What are coin flips made of?

Place individual coins in coin flips. Coin flips are small, portable slips typically made of vinyl or cardboard. These containers are specifically designed for collectible coins and will let you display your gold pieces while protecting them from dust, oil, and other unwanted elements.

How to store large coins?

Store large collections in coin albums. Coin albums are binders filled with a series of transparent sheets. Similar to card sleeves, these sheets contain multiple pockets that you can slip your coins into. Albums retain the display functionality of coin flips but can store far more gold pieces, making them a perfect option for sizeable collections.

How to keep gold coins?

1. Keep coins in their original containers when possible. Though not all coins come in special cases or slips, collectible gold pieces often do, especially if you purchase them directly from a mint or coin shop. These containers not only increase the value of the coin in question, but they often provide the greatest level …

How to take gold coins out of a gold coin box?

Before removing your gold pieces from their protective containers, lay a towel, cushioned cloth, or other soft fabric over your working area. This ensures that, if you accidentally drop a coin, it doesn’t land on a hard or coarse surface that could cause damage.

Where to store gold coins?

Give your coins to a bullion depository for the best security possible. Independent coin and precious metal depositories have similar security to banks but, since they specialize in coins and similar items, know how to handle and store gold pieces properly.

How to protect gold coins from dirt?

Gold coins are highly susceptible to the dirt, grime, oil, and other natural elements that build up on your hands. To prevent damage to your gold pieces, wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly before touching the coins.

How much notice do you need to withdraw coins?

Look for a depository that lets you view or withdraw your coins with only 1 days’ notice.