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What does it mean to be a gold digger?

First, let’s define the noun “gold-digger.” A gold-digger is a woman who forms relationships with men purely to obtain money or gifts from them. This means that to a gold-digger, a man’s economic standing is of the highest priority, not emotional bonds.

How do you say gold in Chinese?

How to say gold in Chinese. gold. Chinese Translation. 金. Jīn. More Chinese words for gold. 金 noun. Jīn aurum.

How do you know if a girl is dating a gold digger?

She has gold digger friends One sign that you may be dating a gold digger is if all her friends’ date and marry rich guys. Just like the saying, “Birds of the same feather flock together,” gold diggers are more likely to hang out with fellow gold diggers.

What does it mean when women believe cash is king?

Women, believing that cash is king, accept this – shooing away other potential partners without ever accepting that they may one day decline in sexual desirability.

What do Chinese mothers teach their daughters?

Chinese mothers teach their daughters that marriage is a means to end. Romance is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills. They teach their daughters that they must take care of them. Parents MUST be put before personal relationships. Economic security is a must, at all costs .

What is a gold digger?

First, let’s define the noun “gold-digger.”. A gold-digger is a woman who forms relationships with men purely to obtain money or gifts from them. This means that to a gold-digger, a man’s economic standing is of the highest priority, not emotional bonds. This is interesting, because in my personal experience, the topic of love comes up quite …

Do young men marry in China?

Young men in China are compelled to marry early in life, and it is impractical for them to purchase a house and a car so soon in their careers. So for those unfortunate men faced with huge economic obstacles, what do you think these suggestions do to their self-esteem?

Is China more patriarchal than the West?

While China is more patriarchal than the West in some ways, it is clear that there is still a fair share of gyn ocentrism to be found in the culture. Just like the West, some people perceive women to a somewhat sacred source of love and acceptance, and if you can’t win their approval, society pressures you to start questioning your sense of self-worth.

Do women have a rule book?

It seems that women have a very detailed rule book when it comes to what male conduct should be in any given situation. It’s also notable that their detailed rule book quite conspicuously omits any kind of personal responsibility on their part.

What is wrong with wanting a man primarily for his money?

As to what’s wrong with wanting a man primarily for his money: in many societies this is considered heartless and unloving. In Western societies, romantic relationships are about two people and their emotional connection, and are supposed to last even if one of the partners gets ill or loses their money or whatever. (This doesn’t always work out as planned of course, but that is the ideal.)

What does Roddy say about golddiggers?

What roddy says. You talk about a man who can provide for himself. A golddigger wants a man who can provide for her (and himself), and doesn’t care about love or other considerations, as long as he gives her money or goods.

Why would you apply it the other way too?

Why would you apply it the other way too? Mostly the goal of whatever anyone does is to ‘improve’ oneself be it financially, personal development, having a good time or whatever. … So people want a partner that one way or another adds value. The only way that it’s a two way street is that if you have nothing to offer in return you will be rejected. There has to be a balance in what is invested and what is ‘earned’ in a relation. And obviously there are always people that try to get a free ride. Don’t want to invest, but do want to earn, these are the typical golddiggers and players, the freeriders.

What is the OP premise?

The OP is premised on a very outdated stereotype. It assumes that all Chinese women want to marry rich men. When in Beijing, I met some rich Chinese women who were interested in meeting run-of-the-mill foreigners precisely because they (i.e. the woman) had money. They thought it intimidated Chinese men.

What is a gold digger?

I always thought a "gold digger" was a woman who cynically married a man, all the while planning on divorcing him. After the divorce she gets a ton of money and property as well as monthly alimony and child support payments.

What should I do if I ever date a Chinese man?

If I ever date a Chinese man, I would have to be aware of the fact that I would need to improve my gift-giving skills in order to be better accepted by his family and friends. Chinese people appreciate that. They don’t hug that much, they give you expensive stuff. Nothing wrong with it, the original intention is expressing love and friendship. Same goes for non-Chinese men thinking about dating Chinese women. I guess same also goes for Chinese women thinking about dating non-Chinese men. If you want to marry into a different culture, you have to respect the way they do things. Maybe they think you put too much emphasis on money, if you want to be accepted into their circle, you have to adapt.

Is it wrong for a woman to like a man with money?

It seems the original poster is hypersensitive and has exaggerated using the phrase "gold digger" in the title. It’s not wrong for a woman to like a man with money, but it is wrong for a woman to plan to marry and then divorce that same man, with the heartless goal of financial gain for herself. I offer the words of Kanye West as a definition of the term:

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