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  • Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Golden channel

Gold Information Pay attention to the price of gold

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However,if you wish to engage in the business of buying and selling gold to retail customers in Singapore,you need to be:A registered dealer; orExempted from registration,

Should you buy gold bars online from Singapore?

Buying gold online from Singapore can be one way to ensure that you get the very best price for your money. There are many companies that sell gold bars directly to consumers. However, there are two important factors to keep in mind when purchasing gold bars online: Reputation – Some companies are reputable and reliable, while others aren’t.

How much does a gold bar cost?

The price of gold varies greatly from country to country. For example, the average price per ounce in the United States is $1,100 while it’s only $240 in India. This means that if you want to buy a gold bar for your portfolio, you will need to do some research first.

Why buy bullionstar minted gold bars?

BullionStar minted gold bars have no spread between the buy and sell price when you buy 10 BullionStar gold bars or more. Gold bullion bars make an ideal form of physical gold investment as they have a highly liquid trading market and have no counterparty risk.

Is it time to sell your used gold jewellery?

There will come a time when you might consider that it is time to sell your used gold jewellery and this is where we make the process simple and easy for you. You will be given an extremely competitive price offered by us to buy back pure gold from any brand that you might have when you sell them.

Step 1 – Place Sell Order

Select product/s and quantity further down on this page. Verify/enter your customer information and payment instructions and submit your order by clicking on "Place Your Order."

Step 2 – Handover or Ship Metals

Hand over the metals to us in our shop at the address below within one business day of placing your order. You can walk in with your metals. No appointment is necessary.

Step 3 – Payout

We will pay you according to your instructions when we have received and verified the authenticity of your metal.

Step 1

You can choose to contact us via email or phone first to obtain more information before heading down to our store for evaluation.

Step 2

Book an appointment, set a date and time with us for an free evaluation of your gold. Otherwise, you can also walk in directly to our store during our operating hours.

Step 3

We provide free gold evaluation and you must present your gold in person in our store. We have specific equipment to examine the purity and weigh of your gold.

Step 4

The examinations will take a few minute for us to evaluated the value of your gold jewellery and we will offer you our best quote on the spot for you to consider.

Step 5

Only when you’re agreeable with our offer, we will issue an invoice and made payment to you for your gold jewellery. You can choose to be paid by Cash or Bank Transfer.