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How do you unlock camos in modern warfare?

If you’re looking to unlock camos in Modern Warfare, you’ll likely be on the hunt for unlocking Gold, Platinum and Damascus camos. The basic level camos are easily unlocked when you’re playing with a certain weapon and gaining EXP on it, which essentially translates into getting lots of kills and using it good.

How do you unlock platinum and gold Camo?

To get the gold camo for any weapon, you need to unlock its 100 basic camo options first. To unlock platinum, you need to unlock the gold camo for every weapon in a category.

How do you unlock the gold Camo on AK47?

For example, when you complete all camo challenges for the AK47. You will then unlock the Gold camo on the AK47. Unlock all camos on all weapons in that weapon class. For example, you need to unlock all camos on the Assault Rifles to get the Platinum camos. Essentially, unlocking gold on all AR’s, unlocks Platinum on AR’s

Why do people put gold Camo on their weapons in mw?

It’s also apparently about being fashionable when it comes to the accessories that you use to shoot people in the head. You can put gold and platinum camos on your weapons, but we’ll show you how to get Gold camo in Modern Warfare specifically so that you can get a leg-up in the glamor game.

What is Obsidian camo?

The CoD Obsidian camo is a more recent addition to Modern Warfare, and this bad-ass looking skin doesn’t disappoint. Unlike Platinum and Damascus, where you unlock the camo on all guns after you’ve met the requirements, for Obsidian, you need to complete challenges for each individual gun. Here are the requirements for each weapon class: …

How many camos are there in Modern Warfare?

As always with Call of Duty, there are plenty of camos to grind for, and Modern Warfare is no different. After proving your skill at playing the game and unlocking all 100 weapon camo variants, you’re then ready to embark on a new journey – to unlock Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian weapon camos. These camos are the pinnacle of weapon mastery in the game and are sure to turn some heads. If you’re ready to do some serious camo grinding, then we have you covered.

What are the different types of camos in Call of Duty Modern Warfare?

There are ten categories for each weapon type in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. These are Spray Paint, Woodland, Digital, Splinter, Topo, Tiger, Stripes, Reptile, and Skills. Players unlock each category simply by reaching a certain weapon XP level, which you do by playing the game and using the gun to get kills. Camos can function as an unofficial signal of rank, so there’s prestige in unlocking the hard to get camos. For example, if you’re sporting the base level Woodland camo on your MP5, other players will assume you haven’t put many hours into the game and might clock you as an easy target. So what are the hard-to-get camos? Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian.

How many matches does Obsidian need?

If you want Obsidian on every weapon, then you’re looking at playing a whopping 1275 matches minimum! If you don’t have so much free time to unlock Obsidian – you can always order it from our shop – CoD MW Obisidian Camo Unlock Service.

How to get platinum in Reemer?

Reemer, you’re going to be putting a lot of hours into this , and it’ll go faster if you’re having fun. If you want Platinum quickly, or you want to start knocking off some Platinum camos on your way to Damascus, then you might want to start with the "easier" weapon classes. SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns are generally considered to be easier than the other weapon classes.

How to get gold in CoD?

Getting a CoD Gold Camo is no easy feat. First, you have to unlock all 100 camo variants from each of the ten categories. To do this, you’ll have to complete a series of challenges like hip-fire kills, headshot kills, crouch kills, and more.

How many kills do you need to unlock spray paint camos?

For example, to unlock all Spray Paint camos with an Assault Rifle, you’ll need to get 800 kills in total, but with an SMG, …

How many camos can you unlock in Warzone?

And in Warzone and Modern Warfare, there are a lot of camos to choose from. In total, you can unlock 104 unique camos for each gun in Modern Warfare.

What do you get when you complete the 100 basic camos?

This category includes the highly-coveted Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian camos. You’ll earn the Gold camo for a gun when you complete the 100 basic camos. But the fun is just getting started there.

How to unlock platinum camo?

If you want to unlock the Platinum camo, you’ll need to get Gold for each gun in a particular weapon class. So if you want to have Platinum for your assault rifles, you’ll need to complete the 100 basic camo challenges for the eight initial ARs in Modern Warfare.

How many different camo categories are there in Modern Warfare?

There are 10 basic categories that each have 10 unique camos you can unlock by completing certain challenges, like getting kills while crouching or mounted. Screengrab via Activision. Here are the 10 basic camo categories in Modern Warfare. Spray Paint.

Do you need to get platinum camo to unlock Damascus?

And if you want to unlock Damascus, you’ll need to earn the Platinum camo for every single weapon class in Warzone or Modern Warfare. But the grind is still just beginning.

What are the different camo classes in Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Obsidian camos. There are also four mastery camouflage classes found in Modern Warfare: Gold, Platinum, Damascus and Obsidian. Gold camo – available when you have unlocked every other camo for their gun, aka completed all the camo challenges.

How many kills does Obsidian Camo have?

Obsidian camo – unlocked by completing kill challenges with specific guns, i.e 15 kills in 200 different matches with the MP5. You can only make a start on it once you’ve unlocked Gold for that specific weapon.

What level is the base camouflage in P90?

For example: the base camouflage ‘Woodland’ is unlocked for the P90 once the player reaches Weapon Level 8.

What are the two types of camouflage in Modern Warfare?

Modern Warfare camos are separated into two varieties: base camos, and sub-camos. The main camouflage types are:

Is there a Modern Warfare camos?

As is always the case with Call of Duty, there’s plenty of Modern Warfare camos to grind for and unlock, whether you’re playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer or Call of Duty Warzone. From the basic spray paint and woodland camos to the mastery ones like Damascus and even Modern Warfare Obsidian, we’ve got all of the Modern Warfare camos explained for you here.

Do you have to complete every camouflage challenge in Modern Warfare Damascus?

Nope, you’re not reading that wrong: if you want the Modern Warfare Damascus camo, you have to complete every single camouflage challenge for every single weapon in the game. Let’s be honest, a lot of people are never going to get close to that, although using the Double Weapon XP tokens available from playing through the single player campaign should provide players with a helpful boost in their quest to attain their camouflage of choice.

If you’re interested in glamming up your gun game, then you probably want to know how to get Gold Camo in Modern Warfare. Well, we’re definitely on the same page

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare isn’t just about shooting people in the head. Well, at least not all the time. It’s also apparently about being fashionable when it comes to the accessories that you use to shoot people in the head.

How to Get Gold Camo in Modern Warfare

If you’re looking to unlock camos in Modern Warfare, you’ll likely be on the hunt for unlocking Gold, Platinum and Damascus camos.

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What level do you unlock the Woodland challenges?

For example, at weapon level 10 you unlock the ‘Woodland’ camo challenges which are based on headshots. To maximize your effect, you should consider focusing your attention to mainly headshots so that you can finish the ‘Woodland’ camo challenges even before you unlock the next tier of challenges.

Can you waste attachment slots on an optic?

This is one that we can’t stress enough. If you are focusing on hipfire kills, don’t waste your attachment slots on an optic, or any attachments whose main purpose is to increase aiming statistics. Instead, try to customize your loadout to better suit the challenge or challenges that you’re working towards.

Can you get gold camo in modern warfare?

Getting the gold camo’s in modern warfare, however can be easier said than done. In this article we are going to offer some tips that we as gamer’s ourselves have used to unlock multiple gold camo’s in Modern Warfare.

What level is the Completionist?

The Completionist level is Gold camo and unlocked when you complete all camo challenges for that weapon.

How to get Mounted Kills?

Mounted kills are quite easy to get. Just mount yourself up somewhere strategic and wait for enemies. While going for Topo camos try to combine it with longshots to do both camos at the same time. Just make sure you have both unlocked first.

What is a MG 82?

The MG 82 was added in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season Four batch of content for the game . The weapon is a light machine gun that fires in full auto mode, and has the…

How to shoot a gun with a crosshair?

After you aim to shoot, quickly pull your crosshairs up towards the head. Always make sure you’re aiming for the higher chest region. The recoil should kick the weapon up towards the head.

What is the C58?

The C58 is an assault rifle that was added to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as part of the Season Four of the game. Despite its lack of mobility, this AR behave really well in close-quarters…

Do you need to unlock all camos?

Unlock all camos on all weapons in that weapon class. For example, you need to unlock all camos on the Assault Rifles to get the Platinum camos. Essentially, unlocking gold on all AR’s, unlocks Platinum on AR’s

What is the best game mode for mounted kills?

Headquarters is a good game mode to play for mounted kills. Set yourself up in the HQ and wait for enemies to run towards it. There’s always some easy pickings.

How many camos are there?

Since there are ten camos, and each camo has ten categories, this brings the total number of camos to 100. However, there are other three special camos including:

How many camos can you use in Modern Warfare?

However, you must understand different weapon camouflages that you can use in addition to these weapons. It is possible to trigger over 103 CoD MW weapons camo whenever you go a level higher in the game. You will find it easy to unlock the Platinum, Damascus, and Gold camos if you are a committed or aggressive player of the Modern Warfare game.

What level do you unlock the Woodland camo?

Once you reach weapon Level 8 , you will unlock the base camo known as Woodland on the P90. After you open the Woodland category, you will have to use your gun to make several killings using the P90 to trigger other groups of the Woodland camo.

How many different camos are there?

As stated above, there are ten different camos with ten different variations. Here is a guide showing how you can unlock different camos.

Can you get gold in Modern Warfare?

You can also achieve the Gold, Platinum, and Damascus camo levels when you buy MW weapon camos boost. Several professional CoD players do this boosting, and it is safe, fast, and anonymous. The camo boosting service allows you to reach your desired camouflage level since it is often challenging to complete these challenges because it takes so much time. Various Modern Warfare booster platforms will help you achieve camos such as Gold, Platinum, and Damascus in a short time. These camo-boosting platforms are available in several countries.

Can you unlock Obsidian camouflage?

This camo level requires you to score different kills each time with an unconventional weapon. You can only unlock the obsidian camo when the weapon has a golden camouflage. Only a few people will open the above three unique camouflages. However, you can make use of the Double Weapon XP tokens when you play in the single-player campaign to achieve some of these camouflage levels.

A Basic Intro To Camos

First off, you’ll need to rank up with a particular weapon. This task is simple — stick with it through multiplayer and watch the XP stack. As it does, you’ll work your way through the ten general camo types per weapon. These include Tiger, Topo, Splinter, Urban, Digital, Woodland, Spray Paint, Stripes, Reptile, and Skulls.

Unlocking the Gold Camo

To attain the Gold Camo for your weapon of choice, you’ll need to earn all of the other Camos available for it. There are ten in all, for each one. When you’ve gotten to that point and gained a little XP, the Gold one should be the next to unlock.

Unlocking the Platinum Camo

Getting access to Platinum is a little bit trickier. You won’t be able to access this class of Camo until you’ve unlocked Gold for that particular class of weapons. That means you’ll need to rank up across the board for every Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, and so on.

Unlocking the Damascus Camo

Surprisingly, there is a level above Platinum — and that’s Damascus. They describe it as being an “oil-type” skin that makes each one look incredible.

How many camo options are there in Modern Warfare?

Just as all the weapon camo options do in Modern Warfare, the gold, platinum and damascus options require you to do specific things to unlock them. There are 100 basic camo options for each weapon, which are broken down into 10 sets of ten, with each set unlocking as you reach a certain weapon rank and featuring challenges of particular themes.

How many camo options are there in Gold?

Gold – Unlock all 100 basic camo options for a weapon.

How many camo colors are there?

Then, the three camo colors in question are kept to a Completionist section, and their own challenges link to the 100 basic ones.

Can you use platinum on an assault rifle?

Therefore, if you get all 100 basic camo choices for every assault rifle, you will then be able to use platinum on any assault rifle. Finally, to unlock the damascus camo, you need to unlock every camo for every weapon. Gold and platinum will come as part of that, but it means that you need to complete the 100 color challenges for every weapon …

When was Modern Warfare published?

Published on October 29, 2019. Tom Hopkins. Home » Guides » Modern Warfare: How to Get Gold, Platinum & Damascus Camo. While Modern Warfare brings the single-player campaign back to the Call of Duty series, the multiplayer will still be the main draw for a lot of players.