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  • Fri. Dec 2nd, 2022

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How to use the By Vilain Gold Digger:Rub a little bit of Gold Digger of By Vilain between your hands and apply it in damp or dry hair. Use your hands for the styling or use one of the By Vilain styling tools.Brand:VilainCountry:DenmarkParaben Free:YesSulfate Free:Yes

What is by Vilain gold digger?

By Vilain Gold Digger (2.2 fl. oz./65 ml) is a professional, high performing hair wax with an extreme hold and a perfect matte finish. It allows you to create spectacular hairstyles every day and it is easy to work with. It will thicken you hair by adding fullness and texture, and all with a natural, matte finish with no shine.

What is the gold digger?

The Gold Digger embodies the epitome of the Scandinavian taste and secret recipes and is the ultimate styling wax that elevates performance and leaves you with a sensational style every time. There will be limitless possibilities in front of you due to the fantastic product behind you.

What is by Vilain?

WHO OR WHAT IS BY VILAIN? By Vilain is a best-selling product line of professional hair care products uniquely handpicked by the team over at Slikhaar TV. The Slikhaar concept was created by idential twins Emil and Rasmus V. Albrechtsen. As of today the twins run the largest YouTube channel focused on men’s hair styling and hair care.


I’d say that By Vilain’s Wax Zero is great for all hair types, especially straight hair. It’s got all the trademark qualities of the other By Vilain waxes such as reshapeability, allowing for easy re-styling throughout the day.

What is wax zero?

Wax Zero is like a blend of Powermade and Gold Digger in terms of consistency.

How much is wax zero?

Wax Zero is $22 for a 2.2. fl. oz/65 ml jar , the same price as all of the other By Vilain waxes. It’s not cheap, but worthwhile in my opinion considering you only have to use such a small amount per application. It will be available for purchase in the Slikhaar Shop on October 15.

What is the packaging design of Vilain wax?

It has a black label with silver lettering, their logo, taglines, ingredients, and directions on how to apply. It looks like there’s a honey comb silhouette in the background which is a fine subtle detail.

When will wax zero be released?

In this article I review Wax Zero, By Vilain’s latest hair styling product from their new organic line that officially releases on October 15. Additionally I talk about how it compares with other popular By Vilain products (Gold Digger, Silver Fox, etc..)

How much nickel do you need to use for Vilain?

Like the other By Vilain products you only need to apply a small dime or nickel sized amount depending on how long your hair is.

Is wax zero good for hair?

If you like your hair products lightweight with a strong hold and a matte finish as well as a textured look that lasts for a long time, then Wax Zero is a great product for you. Think of its organic ingredients as an added bonus if that matters to you.