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  • Mon. Dec 5th, 2022

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Is Tinder Gold even worth it?

Tinder Gold is worth spending the money on if you’re looking for fast results and extra Tinder features. Users get a premium white glove experience with Tinder when they sign up for Tinder Gold. In this article, we’re going to show you precisely what Tinder Gold is and why it may be worth spending the money. What Features Does Tinder Gold Offer?

Can someone tell if you have Tinder Gold?

This has led people to wonder if this little gold heart is visible to the other person. The answer to that, thankfully, is no: you are the only one who can tell you’re using Tinder Gold by direct means. However, that doesn’t rule out someone figuring out that you have Tinder Gold (or at least Tinder Plus) by indirect means.

Can you tell if someone has Tinder Gold?

Unless you hide your location or age, there is no way of telling if someone has Tinder Gold. Even if you do hide that information, most users won’t pick up that you are a paying member. You can tell if someone has gold if they are more than 100 miles away. They are using the passport feature. I don’t care if another user has gold.

Can I get a free trial of Tinder Gold?

You can take advantage of the three-day Tinder Gold free trial. This is definitely the best option if you just need it for a short period of time. But be sure you cancel the subscription before the free trial ends. If you’re not eligible for the free trial, you still can get Tinder Gold at a highly discounted price.

How much is Tinder Basic?

Tinder Basic is free. Extra Super Likes cost as much either $1 apiece ($5 for a 5-pack), $0.80 apiece ($20 for 25), or $0.67 apiece ($40 for 60). Extra Boosts cost $3.99 for 1, $3.00 apiece for 5, or $2.50 each for 10.

What is Tinder Basic?

Tinder Basic. Tinder Basic is the app you know and like. There are no special features; you just get to look at people in your area and swipe left or right on them. You are only allowed to “like” (right-swipe) a certain number of profiles each day before Tinder will lock you out and tell you to come back later.

How many likes does Tinder Plus have?

Tinder Plus. Tinder Plus opens up the doors a bit and adds three powerful features. First off, you get 5 Super Likes every day instead of just one, and 1 free Boost per month. That’s worth quite a bit if you were a heavy user at the basic level and bought a lot of add-ons.

How many times can you swipe on Tinder?

The exact number varies, and Tinder keeps the algorithms a dark corporate secret, but the general consensus is that a male user can swipe right about 50 times every 12 hours before Tinder will put a stop to it. This number can decrease, particularly for indiscriminate swipers who just swipe right on everybody.

How long can a man spend on Tinder?

With Tinder Gold, men who don’t want to invest two hours a day in swipe city can just relax and let the women do all the work.

How much does Tinder Gold cost?

Tinder Gold costs an additional $4.99 per month, and you have to have Tinder Plus to get it.

Does Tinder lock you out?

However, it is the new features that make Tinder Plus interesting. First, you get unlimited likes – you can swipe right on everybody all day long and Tinder will never lock you out. (This is still not a great strategy for your Tinder rating score, however.)

Is Tinder Gold worth it?

Is Tinder Gold worth the extra $5? That depends on where you live and how you use Tinder. In my opinion, Top Picks doesn’t work but Likes You works very well. As long as you live in a busy city with lots of Tinder users, your money can save you a lot of swiping and take you right to those who already like you. For me, that alone is worth the $15. Your mileage may vary though.

What is top picks on Tinder?

Top Picks is a curated list of profiles chosen by Tinder because they match criteria or mentions in your own profile . Hover over a profile and you may see a descriptor like ‘Adventurer’ or something. You can sift through these as you would your normal stack.

What is Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus also gives you an ad-free experience, the ability to hide your age, to control who sees you and influence who you see. Tinder Gold adds: Likes You. Top Picks. Likes You – A special page that shows you who has already swiped right on you.

Part 1: Major Difference Between Tinder, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Plus

As you know, Tinder is a freely available dating app that works in almost every country in the world (in case you guy dating app grind r). Though, there are some paid subscription services that the app also offers, like Gold and Plus. Before I discuss how does Tinder Gold Passport work, let’s quickly know the difference between them.

Part 2: How can I use Tinder Gold Passport to Change my Location?

One of the best features of Tinder Gold is its Passport option is that it lets us change our location in the app. In this way, you can swipe unlimited profiles on Tinder anywhere you like from the comfort of your home. This will drastically improve your number of matches and you can find new and interesting people in different cities.

Part 3: Is There Any Alternative to Tinder Gold Passport to Change our Location?

As you can see, the Tinder Gold Passport subscription is a bit expensive and you have to pay around $120 annually for this. If you are looking for a better alternative, then you can try dr.fone – Virtual Location (iOS). Using it, you can easily spoof your iPhone GPS as many times as you want and change your location on Tinder without any hassle.

How to get Tinder Gold discount?

Look for a promo code. Tinder occasionally offers discounts to Tinder Gold, which you’ll usually find on coupon websites. Search the web for "Tinder Gold" and "Promo Code" occasionally to check out available discounts, or keep your eye on your email inbox for promotional messages from Tinder. You can also search for "Tinder Gold Promo" and "Reddit" to see if any Redditors have codes they want to share.

Does Tinder have a free trial?

Tinder occasionally offers free trial codes to users that they can share with friends. Ask your friends to tell you if they receive a free trial code so you can test out the service!

Can you get a gift card for Tinder?

When you sign up for Tinder Gold on your phone or tablet, Tinder charges the subscription rate to your Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone/iPad) account. If someone were to buy you a Google Play or App Store gift card that’s large enough to cover the cost of a Tinder Gold membership, you can apply the gift card to your Google Play or App Store account and use it to pay for the membership.

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How much is Tinder Gold?

To get a cheaper Tinder Gold subscription, you can opt for a six month subscription which is at “$114.99” or “$19.17” per month or to get the membership at cheaper price, you can opt for a yearly subscription plan for “$ 12.50” per month.

How to add location to Tinder?

To use this, follow the below steps: Begin with hitting on the profile icon. Tap on “Settings”. Now, scroll down and hit on “Location” to add a new location. Rewind: Rewind is one of the best benefits that get from Tinder Gold. It allows you to go back to your last swipe.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder gold is the premium subscription available in Tinder Gold apk which allows you to see who just swiped your profile and who liked your profile. This will potentially help you in knowing whether to swipe left or right on the profiles.

How to see who likes you on Tinder?

With the “Likes You” benefit, you will save time by allowing you to see who like you. To use this benefit: 1 Tap on the “message” icon on the main screen. 2 Under “New Matches”, tap on the first profile photo. 3 You can see how many have liked you on Tinder. 4 Tap on any profile, left swipe to dismiss and right swipe to match.

Is Tinder Gold expensive?

Though it is a bit costly for those who are 28 years and above but for those who are below 28 years and make the best use of a dating app, Tinder Gold is the best solution for you at an affordable budget.

Can you reset your Tinder account?

However, if you feel that your account is totally disturbed and you are not getting any matches, you can reset your account. The most common rule of Tinder is to be attractive which is not only related to your looks but also on how much you construct your profile, how you utter your words and pictures.

What the Advantage of Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold offers you unlimited likes, one free Boost per month, the Passport feature (which allows you to change your location directly within Tinder instead of having to hack around with your operating system on your phone), five free Super Likes per day, the ability to rewind swipes, the ability to hide your age and your distance, the ability to use 10 Top Picks per day, and the Likes You feature. (In this article, you can see an updated list of these features .)

Does it Matter?

One important question is, does it matter to other users whether you are using Tinder Gold or not? The fact is that it varies from person to person, and on what that person is looking for, and what you claim YOU are looking for. So basically, it’s up to you. Let’s examine this more closely.

What does "likes you" mean on Tinder?

The Tinder Gold feature “Likes You” lets you see who has swiped right on you already without you having to swipe on them first. On the “Likes You” page within your profile, you’ll be able to see everyone who has swiped right on you. It’s the shortest of short cuts and has gone down very well with users. If you’re a user in a major city, the “Likes You” feature can cut down your swiping time to seconds a day, while still giving you access to all of the possible matches in your vicinity.

How do you know if you have Tinder Plus?

If someone matches you and your age isn’t displayed in the app, they are going to know that you must have at least Tinder Plus. Similarly, Tinder Plus subscribers can hide their distance from other users, so if the distance doesn’t show, you know the person is at least a Plus subscriber. So you need to be careful how you use the features of Tinder Gold if you really don’t want people knowing that you use it.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold was first introduced in June 2017 and it’s currently the highest tier of Tinder that the general public can subscribe to. Tinder Gold takes the services of Tinder Plus (Passport, more SuperLikes, a free monthly Boost) and adds the ability to know instantly what users have liked you.

Why do people use Tinder?

People use Tinder to find true love, to find a date, and even just to make friends. It’s so very easy, too. A swipe right, a swipe left… it’s almost as easy to operate as Candy Crush! But in this case, the “crush” part is a little more meaningful. TechJunkie’s Fast Answer.

What is the passport feature?

The Passport feature lets you change your location to anywhere in the world, anytime you want, allowing you to interact with people beyond your general area. The ability to “Rewind” is a very useful feature that allows you to undo an accidental swipe, as long as you “Rewind” before going on to the next person.

How to get a discount on Tinder Gold?

All that being said, there is a way you can get a discount for Tinder Gold. That’s through the offer directly from Tinder. These are sent via email to select members. It is still unclear how Tinder selects the users to offer the discount to, though some users have even received 50% discount offers.

How old do you have to be to pay for Tinder Gold?

Another way to pay less for Tinder Gold is to be under 28. Thanks to Tinder’s interesting pricing policy, users under 28 don’t pay the full price.

How much does Tinder Gold cost?

For example, users that are 28 or older are paying the full price for the upgrade, while those under 28 are paying less. If you’re over 28, you will pay $29.99 for a one-month Tinder Gold membership. In case you opt for a six-month plan, you will pay $112.99 or $18.83 a month. Finally, those who buy a yearly plan are billed $12.50 each month.

What are the plus features of Tinder?

On the plus side, you do get a bunch of cool and helpful features. You get personalized daily lists of potential matches and you can see all the people who liked you and right-swiped your profile for the additional price. Also, there are all the perks you enjoyed as a Tinder Plus member.

Why are Tinder rates different?

Based on comments from Tinder’s executive, the logic behind the rate variations is because older users are better situated and can allocate more funds for a quality dating app. Though this is fine for some, a portion of the community disagrees and some of them deem it as discrimination.

How long does a Gold membership last?

Those who signed up for a longer service period won’t get a prorated refund. Your Gold membership will remain active until the renewal date.

How much does Gold upgrade cost?

It is no secret that the Gold upgrade is costly, especially if you’re 28 or older. Older members have to shell out as much as $29.99 for a single month, but some users have reported they’re paying as high as $44.99 for one month .

What is Tinder Gold?

For people who don’t know, “Tinder Gold” is an upgraded version of the regular Tinder app. In addition to all the features you’d get in the basic app, Tinder Gold will provide you with a couple of exclusive features such as unlimited likes, 5 super likes per day, unlimited swipes, and zero Ads. If you use Tinder regularly, you already know …

How to get free trial on Tinder?

To get the free trial period, simply open your Tinder account and tap on the “Upgrade to Gold” button. Now, choose the right plan method and enter your bank details. The day before your trial period will get expire, make sure to cancel the subscription.

How long is the Tinder Gold trial?

Before you dive into the complicated ways to get Tinder Gold for free, make sure to utilize the free trial period. Every new user gets a 3-day trial period, where he can access all the Tinder Gold features for free.

Is Tinder the most popular dating app?

Go explore now if this interests you! Over the years, Tinder has become the world’s most popular dating app to meet new people. Every day, millions of people find dates by right-swiping on their Tinder accounts. Of course, swiping becomes more fun when you have a free Tinder Gold subscription.

Can you get Tinder Gold for free with promo codes?

Promo codes may not get you permanent access to free Tinder gold subscriptions as they are mainly discount codes. No doubt, you’ll get a limited time period (maybe one month) for free, but you’ll still have to purchase the subscription later on.

Is Tinder Gold a necessity?

Despite having quite impressive features, Tinder gold isn’t a necessity for many people. There are users who don’t use Tinder frequently and may not want to commit to Tinder gold at all. If that’s the case, it’s better to install the Tinder gold app, use the free trial period, and decide whether you want it or not.

Can you get Tinder Gold for free 2020?

It is also important to understand that you can only get a single trial period for your account. It means if you want to use free Tinder Gold 2020 for an unlimited time period, make sure to choose another method from the list.