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is tinder gold worth it


Dec 23, 2021 , ,

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Best answer

If you travel or have a lot of likes, yes it鈥檚 worth it. If you are struggling to get likes, matches, or land dates, Tinder gold isn鈥檛 for you. You are better off with Plus or keeping the free plan. Now if you want to change the lack of likes, get my free profile hack.

People also ask

  • What is Tinder Gold?

  • Tinder gold is one of Tinder鈥檚 paid in app features. It鈥檚 the premium paid plan. An upgrade over Tinder plus. It allows the users to have the following: Unlimited Likes

  • Is Tinder a good app to use?

  • The fact is, if you are young, hot, and looking for a night of fun, Tinder is a great app for you! However, if you are looking for something more, we suggest using a reputable alternative. Who is Tinder good for? Who should avoid Tinder? Is Tinder Gold Worth It? Tinder Gold is a paid alternative to the free Tinder subscription.

  • Can people tell if you have a premium Tinder account?

  • In general, no. However, if you use Tinder Gold to change your location or age, the way Tinder displays this might give people a clue that you鈥檙e using a premium Tinder account.

  • Is it possible to get rejected on Tinder without getting any matches?

  • With a bad profile and Tinder Gold, it鈥檚 entirely possible to be rejected more and faster without receiving any matches. It鈥檚 also possible to get tons of matches with Tinder鈥檚 free version if you have an optimized profile.