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what are gold bars for in fortnite


Dec 29, 2021 , ,

what are gold bars for in fortnite插图

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Introduced back in Season 5, gold bars are a form of in-game currency that can be used topurchase items and services from NPCs. These gold bars have carried over to Season 6 where there are even more things to buy, including new Fortnite weapons which were only recently introduced to the game.

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  • How do you get gold bars in Fortnite season 7?

  • You can earn Gold Bars in a plethora of ways in Fortnite but some are more lucrative than others. Here鈥檚 every way to earn Gold in Season 7. The easiest, but not necessarily the most lucrative, method of earning Gold Bars is by simply looting around the island. Here are some examples of things you can breaks and loot for Gold in Season 7:

  • What can you buy with 1250 gold bars in Fortnite?

  • New to Season 7, some of the NPCs will allow you to purchase a cluster of Supply Drops for 1250 Gold Bars. Random NPCs will also allow you to see the locations of nearby Chests, and you can also purchase extra materials with Gold.

  • What can you trade your stacks of gold for in Fortnite?

  • Read on to find out what you鈥檒l be able to trade your stacks of gold for. The easiest and safest way to earn Fortnite gold bars is to complete bounties as these quests offer the best rewards. Accepting a simple quest to harvest 100 wood can earn you as much as 35 gold bars.

  • How to earn gold in Fortnite season 5?

  • These gold bars can be earned through eliminating players (8 Gold), completing NPC’s quests and bounties, and finding via secret loot on the floor. How to use the Gold currency in Fortnite Season 5? The gold bar currency can be used with NPCs, who are spread all across the map near different points of interest.