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what does the gold diamond mean on tinder


Dec 29, 2021 , ,

what does the gold diamond mean on tinder插图

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If you see the diamond on someone鈥檚 profile while doing normal browsing,that just indicates that this person is one of your Picks for the day. It used to be that only Tinder Gold subscribers saw the diamonds; it was part of the elite-only experience and regular common folk did not have access to the Top Picks feature.

People also ask

  • What does the Diamond Mean on Tinder?

  • Open Tinder and select the diamond at the top of the Discovery screen. Check out the selections and swipe left or right as you see fit. Wait for Top Picks to refresh daily (you can also purchase additional picks if you鈥檙e a Gold subscriber). If you see the diamond icon in a Tinder profile, it means that person is in your Top Picks. That鈥檚 all.

  • What does the heart on Tinder Gold mean?

  • The Tinder Gold heart is the icon of the Likes You feature which shows you who liked you before you would swipe right them. If you are a Tinder Gold subscriber you can view these profiles and you can swipe right them and get an instant match.

  • What is the difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus?

  • Tinder Gold users can still access regular old Tinder, if you want to see the entire card stack in your area. A yellow heart icon will appear on the profiles of those who have already swiped right on you. The other major difference when it comes to Tinder Gold vs Plus is the full access to your Top Picks.

  • How do you know if a girl likes you on Tinder?

  • When you navigate to the Top Picks screen and tap into the profile, you will see the gold diamond next to the person鈥檚 name. If you like that profile and she likes you back then you will also see the Tinder Gold diamond symbol in your match list as well next to the name of your match.