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what is gold filled


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The term Gold filled is aregulated industry standard that requires the jewelry’s metal to consist of at least 5% solid gold by weight. How is it made? Multiple layers of solid 14k gold are bonded with extreme heat over a high quality core of jeweler’s brass. This process results in high-quality and durable jewelry.

People also ask

  • What is gold filled jewelry?

  • Gold filled jewelry consists of a base material coated in a layer of gold. In many ways, it’s quite similar to gold plated jewelry. However, gold filled jewelry has a much thicker gold coat than gold plated jewelry. Most gold filled jewelry contains nickel, copper, as the base metal.

  • What is the difference between gold-filled and gold plated?

  • When an item is gold-filled, you can break it down to a more basic state and separate the gold from the base metal. Gold-filled and gold-plated accessories are the same in concept: both non-gold base metals like copper, nickel, or jeweler鈥檚 brass with a gold coat, which fools people into thinking they are more expensive than their price on the tag.

  • What is gold-filled brass?

  • Gold-Fill is where a layer of gold is bonded strongly to a base metal, like brass. You may think that this is just like gold-plate but it isn鈥檛. Very specific quantities need to be used to be permitted to be called gold-filled (unlike in gold plating which can be any thickness).

  • How to make a gold filled accessory?

  • To make a gold-filled accessory, you need two gold sheets, a base metal core, and a generous amount of heat. You鈥檒l need to thin out the gold into a leaf-like thickness and then bond it to the jeweler鈥檚 brass with a blowtorch or a metal bender.