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what is the golden rule


Dec 23, 2021 , ,

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The Golden Rule encourages us to treat others as we would like to be treated. For instance,most people appreciate it when others treat them with respect,kindness,and love. Logically,then,we should 鈥渄o the same way鈥?to others.鈥?/div>鍙傝€? www.jw.org/en/bible-teachings/questions/golden-rule/

People also ask

  • What is the Golden Rule in law?

  • golden rule. the rule of construction that directs the person construing a provision, usually a statute, to read it according to the ordinary sense of the words unless, however, such a reading produces some illogicality or inconsistency. If this happens then it is permissible to read it so that the illogicality is removed but no further.

  • What is the Golden Rule in the Bible?

  • Answer: The 鈥淕olden Rule鈥?is the name given to a principle Jesus taught in His Sermon on the Mount. The actual words 鈥淕olden Rule鈥?are not found in Scripture, just as the words 鈥淪ermon on the Mount鈥?are also not found. These titles were later added by Bible translation teams in order to make Bible study a little easier.

  • What is the Golden Rule of financial management?

  • Financial Definition of golden rule. What It Is. The golden rule is very simple: treat people the way you want to be treated. In the business world, it also refers to fundamental principles of government spending: cover current spending with existing taxes and borrow only to fund investments that benefit more than on generation of citizens.

  • Does the Golden Rule have a place in moral philosophy?

  • Moral philosophy has barely taken notice of the golden rule in its own terms despite the rule鈥檚 prominence in commonsense ethics. This article approaches the rule, therefore, through the rubric of building its philosophy, or clearing a path for such construction.